Americans Define Wealth in 2023

Written By

Sara Smith

This was preferred by 69% to “maximizing my earnings even if it negatively impacts my work-life balance.” 

Having a healthy work-life balance 

This was preferred by 67% to “leaving an inheritance.” 

Being generous with loved ones now 

This was preferred by 64% over “leaving an inheritance for my family.” 

Paying for experiences to spend time with my family now 

63% chose this over “being successful.” 

Being in good health 

62% preferred this over “having a lot of money.” 

Enjoying healthy relationships with family and loved ones 

60% chose this over “having a higher salary.” 

Having the flexibility of working where and how I want (in-person, hybrid, remote) 

55% of respondents preferred this to “sacrifice experiences now in order to save money for later.” 

Spending money now to have more experiences