By - Riya Kapoor

Celebrity Big Brother's Most Unforgettable Contestant

Known for tense moments with Jodie Marsh, he retreated from the public eye after the show. 

Michael Barrymore (UK S4 - 2006) 

The former glamour model and TV presenter had a quiet stint. Sue Perkins criticized her for being emotionless. 

Melinda Messenger (UK S2 - 2002 )

The actress surprised everyone with her presence and performed excellently. Ryan Thomas was the only one who managed to beat her for the victory. 

Kirstie Alley (UK S22 - 2018 )

Initially nominated for elimination, he survived and won the season.

Julian Clary (UK S10 - 2012) 

Ivana Trump, once married to the former U.S. President Donald Trump, joined Celebrity Big Brother. She arrived in a magic trick box but left early without discussing her marriage.

Ivana Trump (UK S7 - 2010) 

Known for playing Screech Powers in 'Saved by the Bell,' he gave his best effort but finished fourth. 

Dustin Diamond (UK S12 - 2013) 

The singer charmed viewers with her friendly personality. She was a clear favorite from day one, and her win went viral after her sad passing.

Sarah Harding (UK S20 - 2017) 

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo