Walmart Is Being Charged With “Deceiving Its Consumers” by Doing This

Recently, Walmart has done many things “right” by providing customers with more purchasing options through Walmart. Spanish-speaking users’ access to their search engine has been restored and enhanced. However, there is a downside to everything, as one customer alleges that the company is purposefully deceiving you.

A new lawsuit claims that Walmart and Target are both guilty of deceit, which is a rather significant accusation. Continue reading to see what the complaint claims and why you might want to verify your most recent shopping receipt

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Just last week, Walmart received backlash.

Walmart is immune to criticism because of its size and reach. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against the store on June 28 for allegedly defrauding consumers of hundreds of millions of dollars through money transfers.

Despite Walmart’s denial of the allegations, the company was hit with significant fines by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services on August 3. By a department press statement, during the second quarter of 2022, it was discovered that 19 Walmart locations, along with 27 Dollar General locations, six Family Dollar locations, and two Target locations, were overcharging customers. Although this wasn’t the first time price-scanner problems were found at North Carolina Walmarts, Walmart nonetheless owes a total of $95,665 in fines. Four Walmarts in the state received fines totalling $22,165 in April.

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Target and Walmart were the targets of separate lawsuits.

It appears that inconsistent service is impacting customers not just in Illinois but also in North Carolina. Yoram Kahn has brought two different class action lawsuits against Target Corporation, and Walmart, Inc. Kahn asserts that both businesses use “shelf pricing” that “often misrepresents the prices consumers are charged at the time of sale,” according to Top Class Actions.

Simply put, Kahn is saying that the price you see on the shelf and the amount it costs at the register are different. According to Kahn, Walmart and Target are “guilty of unjust enrichment,” violating the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act and the Illinois Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, according to Top Class Actions.

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It was a “bait and switch,” according to Kahn.

According to the lawsuit, according to Top Class Actions, Kahn claims that this pricing disparity has a direct effect on customers who “fall prey to a typical ‘bait and switch”. The result may be that customers overpay without even recognising it. The lawsuit claims that the price misrepresentations resulted in a 5 to 10% price increase for Walmart consumers but a 5 to 20% price increase for Target customers.

Both cases claim that customers “fairly anticipate paying the advertised Shelf Price when they reach the checkout” and “consumers reasonably rely on Shelf Pricing to make informed purchase decisions.”

Kahn claims that each merchant is “deceiving its customers” by not matching prices between the shelf and the register. According to the comment on several Top Class Action posts, this claim is supported by several customers.

“This is something I’ve said for years! Additionally, these shops display OTHER items by the sale price, leading buyers to believe that is the real cost of those things. “One commenter added that the products had been moved off the shelf with the incorrect price. It’s “extremely unsettling when you can’t trust these firms not to play games like this,” another commentator noted.

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Best Life contacted Target and Walmart for comments on the complaint, but they have not yet responded.

Other Walmart customers complained about being overcharged.

Additionally, rumours have been spreading on the TikTok social media app.

In a video posted on July 29, Brenna, who goes by the handle @brennasbakery, claimed that Walmart was defrauding customers. She claimed that she went to Walmart to buy Wilton chocolate candy melts, but when she arrived at the cashier, the price of the chocolate was higher than what was advertised. Brenna claimed that although the chocolate was listed at $2.62 online and in the store aisle, the final price was $4. She requested a price match from the cashier after seeing five more items in her cart had been charged more.

She stated in her video, “I realise that inflation is driving up a lot of prices. “However, if the price also refers to something that can be purchased online and is the same price in the aisle, they are defrauding you. They intentionally mark up costs because few customers will check it when they check out.”

However, Walmart has a policy of matching prices if you locate an item online that is cheaper than what is posted in the store, as a company representative recently told Best Life.

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