Video of Katy Perry’s Eye Glitch During Her Concert Gets Viral

After experiencing an odd eye glitch at a concert in Las Vegas, several online users have claimed that Katy Perry used a robot clone to perform. The singer may be seen in a video closing her right eye and then readjusting it by pressing her right temple.

On the internet, one group asserted that Katy Perry used a clone that had a wiring problem, which she rectified by pressing a button, i.e., tapping her right temple. Read on to know more about Katy Perry eye glitch.

Katy Perry Eye Glitch

Some online users asserted that the situation was the result of a clone malfunction and advised Katy to check that the software of the robot clones was updated before sending them on stage.

According to a post on Barstool Sports that uploaded the video, it was obvious from the performance that Katy Perry was actually a robot. The report also stated that “beep boop beep boop, alert, eye function down!” was the robot’s first line of code to activate. The report openly stated that Mark Zuckerberg might have a robot army and claimed the video demonstrated that many celebrities have clones.

However, according to a report by the Irish Mirror, the claims were “unfounded” and the malfunction was common. According to the story, Katy’s eyelash glue got stuck to her bottom lid, which is why the strange incident occurred. The singer may have been pulling on her temple to release her eyelid. Some conservatives pointed at Katy and said that the COVID-19 vaccine was to blame for her problem.

More About Katy Perry

Along with British singer Dua Lipa, music composer Amit Trivedi, and EDM musician Ritviz, pop music sensation Katy Perry, who hasn’t performed in India in seven years, will take the stage at the One Plus Music Festival at DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai.

However, she has visited the nation before. The singer of “Roar” has never been afraid to express her passion for India, whether it is by attending an Indian wedding or proudly showing off her Sanskrit tattoo. She has repeatedly shown her admiration for Indian culture in public.

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