US congress to soon on government devices ban TikTok

Due to allegations of user data theft and espionage, TikTok, a Chinese social media network, has already been banned in numerous nations. The US Congress might now appear to be dissatisfied with the app as well.

The US House of Representatives administration declared on Tuesday that the software would not be allowed to be installed on any equipment used by the US government. Due of the rise in high-stakes securities issues, this measure has been taken.

At 3:46 AM today, 9to5Mac tweeted on Twitter to announce the restriction on TikTok on US government equipment.

Government employees have been urged to remove the software from their devices. However, there are no limitations on how common users can use TikTok.

Donald Trump also announced a ban on Tik-Tok a few years back, although it hasn’t been implemented as of yet.

ByteDance, TikTok’s parent firm, has also admitted that some of its employees in China have access to data about the app’s American users. The corporation claims that a number of complex cybersecurity safeguards and authorised approval channels are in place for these individuals.

Why did the U.S. try to ban TikTok?

In response to concerns that the Chinese social media app Tik-Tok is being used to gather information on Americans and convey Chinese propaganda and censorship to the West, Republican Senator Marco Rubio on Tuesday filed a bipartisan bill to outlaw the app in the United States.

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