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Two-third of crypto-educated US parents want it to be taught in schools

In the US, the use of crypto-currency is growing rapidly, and two-thirds of parents who are knowledgeable about it want it to be taught in schools.

In fact, a poll reveals that they spend $766 on their children’s extracurricular crypto education on average. The parents also think that education on cryptocurrency is important for their children’s future success in the market.

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A new survey on crypto education

According to a study published by, approximately two thirds of parents and college graduates think that cryptography should be taught in schools. And it ought to be a required topic, not an elective or extracurricular activity. Additional topics linked to cryptocurrencies like blockchain, metaverse, and NFTs were also covered in the study. They each received 45%, 35%, and 25% of the vote.

The poll was carried out in great detail, and the respondents were also contacted to determine whether they knew enough about the subjects. Following that, 210 graduates and 884 parents in the US were polled. This indicates that the participants were knowledgeable about the subject.

The majority of them were investing additional money to teach their children about cryptocurrency because they were so passionate about it and its potential. When holding cryptocurrency for less than three quarters, the average amount was $766, and when holding it for longer, it was $1,086.

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Its time for schools to add crypto as a subject

According to a poll, 16% of US citizens are or have invested in cryptocurrencies, while over 88% of them have heard of them. This demonstrates that our adoption rate is already rather high. In reality, numerous universities have already begun to offer courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency, such Arizona State University. These thorough educational programmes will teach students how to handle their cryptocurrency and its effects on the economy.

But education should begin at the very beginning, and if it becomes a required course in schools, it will help prepare the next generation for the new economy. Currently, only universities provide classes on this topic, but I expect that soon high school curricula will follow.

What do you think about the fact that over two thirds of US parents with crypto education want it taught in schools? And do you believe this will occur anytime soon? And please tell your friends about our content if you found it to be informative.

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