Twitch Has Banned Mira, All Details Inside

The well-known live-streaming website has barred the Russian Twitch streamer Mira. On December 19, a tweet announcing the streamer’s account’s Twitch ban was published by the Streamer Bans official Twitter account.

Mira has previously been banned from Twitch, so this is not the first time. This is the seventh time the streamer’s account has been banned, with the longest ban lasting a total of four days, according to Streamer Bans. After having her account suspended twice on Twitch in 2021, Mira has now had her account suspended three times this year alone.

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For Mira, this year has not been the easiest. She dealt with a terrifying circumstance earlier this year involving an alleged stalker visiting her home.

The reason Mira has been banned from Twitch this time around has not yet been stated in detail. The streamer was previously banned for violating the nudity-related rules of the Twitch community. In a tweet from earlier this year, Mira further implied that Twitch had banned her because she was Russian.

Twitch Has Banned Mira

In the past, numerous streamers have expressed their dislike with Twitch’s stringent and occasionally bizarre account bans. Amouranth, a fellow streamer, recently shared her thoughts on Twitch’s ban policy. On December 19, Mira sent a tweet alleging that by criticising women’s bodies while allowing men to freely display their bodies on camera, Twitch is promoting misogyny on the streaming service.

According to the tweet, Twitch has a different policy for banning female Twitch streamers who reveal portions of their covered bodies than it does for male Twitch streamers. Twitch has amended its nudity policy in recent years to apply to both male and female streamers.

Hopefully, the explanation for why Mira has been banned once more will be made explicit shortly. Up until then, Twitch is likely to be a hot issue in the gaming news cycle as fresh scandals are exposed. The world of Twitch may be awash with new drama, whether it’s reports of a streamer being banned or contentious gambling streams.

In any case, it is clear that Twitch takes its community guidelines very seriously. There are currently no indications that the livestreaming platform would relax its rules any time soon, despite the fact that this can be a bothersome obstacle for many streamers.

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