Tulsi Gabbard Withdraws from The Democratic Party

Before next month’s midterm elections, Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu American to seek president in 2020, announced her withdrawal from the Democratic Party on Tuesday. Gabbard referred to the party as the “elitist cabal of warmongers” and charged that it “racially based every issue in the country.”

The former US congresswoman has belonged to the party for the last 20 years. In the video, Gabbard says, “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party. “The party is now entirely controlled by an aristocratic cabal of warmongers motivated by cowardly wokeness, who separate us by racializing every issue and fuel anti-white hatred,” she added.

Tulsi Gabbard On Her Withdrawal

She said that the Democrats of today separate us by racializing every subject, fostering anti-white bigotry, and actively seeking to undermine our God-given freedoms protected by our Constitution. The Democrats of today are antagonistic to spiritual and religious people. They discredit law enforcement and defend offenders at the expense of law-abiding Americans. Modern Democrats support open borders and the national security state as a weapon against political opponents. Above all, today’s Democrats are bringing the world closer to nuclear Armageddon.

“I support a democratic system of governance that works for the common good. Sadly, the Democratic Party of today does not. Instead, it symbolizes a government run by, for, and by the wealthy elite, she claimed. Additionally, Gabbard exhorted other independent-minded Democrats to defect with her. She said, “I encourage you to join me if you can no longer tolerate the way these so-called awakened Democratic Party ideologues are driving our country.”

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