Truth Social App now Donald Trump’s on Google Play Store, here is how you can get it

A Google representative said in August that Truth Social App, which made its American debut in the Apple App Store in February, had previously been unavailable in the Google Play Store because of insufficient content moderation. Without accessing the Google or Apple shops, the majority of smartphone users cannot download Truth Social App. In the US, Android smartphones make up about 40% of the market for smartphones.

On the Google Play store, it still says Coming Soon when you visit the Truth SOcial website. Trump established Truth Social App after being banned from Twitter due to his tweets on January 6, 2021, when his supporters overran the United States. Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election was violently attempted to be prevented by Congress by occupying the Capitol.

According to a Google official who talked to Axios, “Apps may be published on Google Play if they meet with our developer requirements, which include the necessity to efficiently regulate user-generated content and remove undesirable messages like those that promote violence.”

The app isn’t yet accessible on Google Play, but it will be there soon. But you can download it through the Apple Store if you have an iPhone.

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