Trevor Noah Mocks Trump: Know What He Says

Trevor Noah has some fresh dating advice for women: look for a man who’s prepared to commit fraud for you, like Donald Trump ostensibly tried to do for Melania.

The twice-impeached former president reportedly pressured another CEO to surrender some of his shares in the social media company to Melania Trump and then dismissed him when he refused, according to a report published this week by The Washington Post.

“Which is just…so romantic!” Noah joked. “Yeah, ladies, find a man who will commit securities fraud for you! Are you kidding?”

The late-night presenter joked that giving your wife stock in your firm is “a bizarre gift” but added that it sounds more like Trump forgot Melania’s birthday and was scurrying to find a last-minute gift. After all, it is Trevor Noah. He is not beyond making jokes.

You know, she probably didn’t even want the shares because Truth Social is such a disaster of a business, said Noah. “It’s almost like when your children give you that present, but it’s simply a piece of macaroni art for your birthday. She probably likely thought, “Oh, you’re so cute; you believe this is worth anything,” I’m grateful, Donald.”

Noah said he genuinely supports Donald Trump in this dispute because everyone else should have anticipated a similar outcome.

“The year is 2022. If you do business with Donald Trump and are shocked that you were defrauded, it is your fault, “said Noah. “What were you contemplating? Although I know the last person Trump dealt with nearly got hanged by a mob, I believe my situation will be okay.”

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