Top Best 10 Netflix Original series: Read Here

Here is a list of amazing Netflix Original Series 2022 that you must watch and add to your playlist.

Top 10 Netflix Original Series 2022

Archive 81

Archive 81 is the perfect watch if you’re one of the many great lovers of cult narratives or one of the many addicts to unsettling podcasts. An archivist tasked with recovering many broken tapes finds out that the recordings are of a satanic sect. He must battle against falling into the trap while searching for the truth. Archive 81 is one of the best Netflix original series.

After Life

Fans may find it difficult to bid goodbye to this dark comedy, whose final season was released in January. Its plot is centred around sorrow. Tony, a widower who must navigate life after losing his wife, is played by Ricky Gervais, who serves as the series writer and director. As he deals with his father’s death in the most recent run of episodes, Tony experiences a new phase of grief.

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Most of us wouldn’t have believed Jason Bateman would be the lead in the upcoming gripping television drama released years ago. However, in the fourth and last season of Ozark, America’s favourite criminal duo met the end of their cunning this spring. At least on Netflix, though. The specifics of the finale remain to be seen. one of the 2nd best Netflix original series.

Inventing Anna

People hate to see a girl boss winning, as the Internet keeps reminding us. This is especially true if the girl’s boss is a fraudster. We’re not talking about Elizabeth Holmes; instead, we’re referring to Anna Delvey, considered New York’s favourite false heiress. After being apprehended in 2017, Delvey’s life of glitz and grand theft took a significant turn. The controversial Shondaland dramatization, which stars Julia Garner, Anna Chlumsky, and Laverne Cox, is based on Jessica Pressler’s widely circulated exposé for The Cut.

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind, a reality based dating programmed that began in 2020 and seemed explicitly built for love in the Covid-19 period, has returned for the second season of romances. The new season has the same premise as the previous one, in which contestants get to know one another without being able to meet. However, this season is full of new surprises.

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Vikings: Valhalla

Vikings: Valhalla on the History Channel is a surefire thriller, regardless of your historical knowledge or whether you only recognize Leif Erickson’s name from that Spongebob episode. The series, which follows the Vikings as they raid throughout Europe, features some of the most well-known Norsemen and charts their legacy alongside modern advancements in civilization, such as the beginnings of Norse Paganism.


Yes, Season Two of Bridgerton is out. And fortunately, now we don’t need to rely on Lady Whistledown rumours to find out what the episodes have for us. Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest son who has started choosing duty over love, is this season’s plot.

Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things is back again with its fourth season after a three-year gap. In the latest episodes, Eleven is making himself settle into a new residence in California and writing wistfully to Mike about their reunion during spring break. What’s this? Things become sour. There were explosions, unsettling dolls, and a frightening new adversary, so the gap wasn’t relatively leisurely.

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The Umbrella Academy

The third season of the popular time-travelling superhero show The Umbrella Academy, based on the comic strips of Gerard Way, premiered in 2022. The new season prominently emphasizes the Sparrow Academy. This new collective was unintentionally founded due to a mistake the Umbrella Academy committed while time travelling, as hinted at the end of the second batch of episodes. One of the Popular Netflix original series.

Russian Doll

The second season of Russian Doll, which debuted in 2019, was eagerly anticipated by viewers. The supernatural dramedy centres on Natasha Lyonne’s character Nadia, who passes away at her 36th birthday celebration and enters a never-ending Groundhog Day in which she relives her last day. We would gladly spend out with Lyonne any day of the week, even though the second season didn’t quite live up to its enormous expectations.

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