Top 5 Underrated TV Shows That You Must Add to Your Watchlist

Underrated TV Shows

The Orville

The mid-level research ship “The Orville” and her eccentric crew are the main subjects of the show “The Orville,” which is set 400 years in the future (played by McFarlane). It’s hard to find good comic science fiction, but fortunately “The Orville” is more of a love letter to “Star Trek: The Next Generation” than anything else.

The first season is a little rough and contains some ridiculous modern humour (why would anyone remember pop culture allusions from the year 2020, 400 years in the future? ), but by the second season, it’s fantastic solid campy sci-fi.

Even with the addition of the new “Star Trek” programmes like “Picard” and “Discovery,” many ardent TNG fans believe that “The Orville” is the most similar thing to the old series.

Bates Motel

The television programme “Bates Motel” is a modern prequel to the iconic Alfred Hitchcock film “Psycho.”

Norman Bates, a teenage serial murderer in the making, is portrayed by Freddie Highmore, with Vera Farmiga as his mother, Norma.

The show won three People’s Choice Awards, and Farmiga won an Emmy and a Saturn Award for best actress, but it never quite attracted the audience it deserved. The creator had intended for the show to cease after Season 5, but fortunately, it was able to continue until the conclusion.

Take a look if you enjoy scary movies and television programmes that weren’t cancelled too quickly.

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Based on the cult favourite comic book, “Preacher” tells the story of an alcoholic preacher who becomes home to an odd supernatural being. The preacher sets out to find God himself after discovering a mysterious new power and enlists the help of a vampire and a murderous ex-girlfriend.

Fans of dark comedies and supernatural television should try “ Preacher “. It’s bizarre, graphic, and a lot of fun.


In the little Pennsylvanian hamlet of Banshee, a strange ex-con takes on the persona of a dead sheriff.

The unidentified foreigner, Lucas Hood, has unfinished business in the made-up town, including making amends with his daughter and the love of his life and dealing with stolen diamonds. However, both his criminal background and those of the other residents of Banshee, including Amish gangsters and dishonest FBI agents, will come back to haunt him.

Anyone who enjoys action television will adore “Banshee.” It features some amazing action sequences and battle choreography without being completely insane.

Bored To Death

The all-star cast of the HBO comedy “Bored to Death” includes Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis, and Jason Schwartzman. A struggling author and unlicensed private eye (played by Schwartzman) advertises his detective services on Craigslist after his fiancée breaks up with him.

Despite having a stellar cast, “Bored to Death” failed to gain traction beyond Season 3. It’s a little programme with an unhurried indie vibe and a peculiar ensemble of characters.

Of course, the acting is excellent as well.

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What is the cast of Bored to Death?

The all-star cast of the HBO comedy “Bored to Death” includes Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis, and Jason Schwartzman.

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