Top 5 Nurse Gods In God Of War

Hello friends today we will talking about Nurse Gods. Who would have imagined that this series debuted in 2005 and would eventually incorporate various mythology into its epic tale? Kratos is finally making up for all the crimes he committed in Greece in the Nine Realms. With his transition to a new pantheon, God of War has now given us many “new” gods from Norse mythology, all of whom are exquisitely written characters in their own right.

These gods all appeared in Ragnarok but are based on Norse mythology and folklore. Although not all are exact adaptations, they are still of high quality.

Here is the Details of Top 5 Nurse Gods

Magni And Modi

It’s difficult not to group these two because they work well together and spend a lot of time together. Modi, or Mói, is the symbol of wrath, whereas Magni symbolises power. Understandably, they are only minor players in Kratos’ Norse tale, given their lack of fame and the scarcity of stories about them.

They are noteworthy, nevertheless, because their demise has a more significant impact on the story than the characters’ own. Ironically, they are among the few individuals to have survived Ragnarok in the myths, even though they initiate much of Ragnarok in these games.

Lady Sif

Unfortunately, Lady Sif isn’t as prominent in Ragnarok as you would have hoped. Although she has nice looks, they are insufficient to make her stand out. She is present primarily to provide a closer look at Thor and Thrd’s family relationships. The fact that she instantly welcomes Kratos and Atreus, who murdered two of her children, is also a little strange. Ultimately, she accuses Odin, but it comes on a bit quicker.

She became a likeable character due to her constant fighting for her husband to take a stand while opposing the idea of her daughter becoming an Odin-servant like Thor.


Another intriguing character who regrettably feels underutilised is this one. In addition, he is a partially formed character; he is here to strengthen Freya. He still has a strong sense of charisma and is too endearing and appealing to ignore.

It is also not something that can be taken for granted that he gave his life to save everyone. But given how infrequently he showed up, it wouldn’t be shocking if most players grew closer to Ingrid than to him.


Baldur was brilliantly created to resemble Kratos, who works for the gods to remove a “curse” they bear. It makes sense why Kratos can empathise with him. Add that to his fury, which he cannot control as our protagonist can.

However, because of his family’s disintegration, we fully comprehend the source of his hatred. Although it isn’t very true to the original, he is a fascinating character. The tone of the journey, as well as its actual beginning, were both marked by his fight.


The daughter of Thor is another fascinating character, especially because many people would not have even realised she existed before playing this game. Sony Santa Monica expertly created these obscure characters to be compelling and simple to love or loathe.

If we take that, we have a fantastic god who is simple to believe in and adds an excellent interpretation of the character as a teenage fighter who wants to be a Valkyrie. Santa Monica possibly derived the concept from a Valkyrie named Thrd, who appears in folklore; historians continue to debate whether or not she is the same person.

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