Top 5 Emotional Gut Punches in God of War Games

Over the past week, God of War: Ragnarok has received much praise, with many complimenting the game’s several upgrades over the original. The variety of enemies, the modern graphics, and most importantly, the gripping narrative. Given that this is Ragnarok, the ominous atmosphere that prevails is entirely understandable.

Kratos, regrettably, is not at all oblivious to his impending death. In God of War III, he started Greece’s version of Ragnarok; shockingly, he did so out of genuine sympathy. The tale of Kratos is arguably the most extravagant Greek tragedy ever written.

Emotional Gut Punches

The Ghost of Sparta’s Origin

Kratos’ curse as the Ghost of Sparta stems entirely from his earlier service to Ares, the original God of War. After being duped by the cruel deity, Kratos flew into a rage and killed everyone in hamlet, including his family. The Spartan cut his links with Ares out of horror.

The local oracle cursed Kratos never to forget the horror he had caused, and the ashes of his family’s corpses stuck to him like heavy snow. His complexion became paler, and the Ghost of Sparta was created. Even in contemporary games, he wears this moniker uncomfortably.

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Hope Returns

Athena’s spirit appears to Kratos after the last of the Greek gods, revealing that her ultimate goal was to use the power in Pandora’s box to rule as the only goddess of Greece. The mysterious force that was afflicting the gods as well had turned Athena into a megalomaniac.

Kratos believes it is time to act genuinely unselfishly, moved by Pandora’s capacity to perceive the good even in a monster like him. He delivers Hope into the world after driving the Blade of Olympus into himself. Considerably to the dismay of Athena. Kratos gave Greece the means to rebuild despite everything he’s done. Although it does not absolve him of his sins, it does bring him some measure of comfort.

The Ghost Returns

Kratos embarked on a new life in a foreign country in the 2018 film God of War, leaving his past behind. He married there and had a son to whom he was dedicated. Kratos is left with his child after his wife’s passing; a treasure previously snatched from him. However, everything is jeopardised once Atreus develops a fever, and his Leviathan Axe fails to function in Hel.

Kratos returns to his house to reclaim the Blades of Chaos, a reminder of his sinister history, in one of the game’s most depressing scenarios. This decision is further emphasized when Athena’s spirit reappears and shames Kratos for being like the parent he was not. It’s a fantastic sequence that advances in a new setting while paying respect to earlier video games.

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A New Path

The survivors’ sole option after Ragnarok is to create a brand-new world. Kratos is present to witness it, unlike in Greece. Kratos goes to the back of the mural Atreus had shown him after saying a tearful goodbye to him as he leaves to find the surviving giants. Kratos discovers something that defies all expectations, not another ominous prophecy.

He witnessed people creating statues of him in place of his death—not as a monster, but as a hero. Kratos was noticeably shaken by the thought, which had never occurred. Through their tears, Kratos’s fans worldwide witnessed the unbelievable happy ending that had finally come for their hero.


The abrupt death of Brok serves as the beginning of the route leading to Ragnarok, which is one significant gut punch. The party must hasten to Ragnarok despite their sorrow, and even that is filled with pain. In Surtr’s situation, this is indeed true. He is a modest, worn-out, and old-fashioned hero who understands his role and unwillingly decides to do it as best he can.

Surtr transforms into the primordial harbinger he was destined to be with the flames of Tartarus, and the conclusion sees Thor and Freyr die in front of their families. Many innocent people perish as a result of Odin’s schemes. Epic sacrifices are made to conclude, making the player feel the weight of the trip.

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