Top 5 Candidates for Game of the Year

Candidates for Game of the Year

Elden Ring

Most people will predict that this game will win Game of the Year because it is a pretty obvious front-runner. Of course, various gamers will have different favorites; some may be rooting for Horizon to win, while Nintendo fans may be hoping Pokémon Legends: Arceus takes home the trophy. Elden Ring will be challenging to beat, given the vast open environment, a tonne of stuff, and classic Dark Souls difficulty. Elden Ring is a Dark Souls-style game with a more fantastical open world that draws inspiration from George R.R. Martin’s writing.

Horizon Forbidden Deep

In 2022, open-world action-adventure games were undoubtedly quite popular. However, Horizon Forbidden Deep did it best. Horizon Forbidden Deep offers incredible cinematics and a colourful landscape, but it also boasts a complex combat system that lets players equip various weapons. It’s challenging to identify this title’s flaws. In the open-world action-adventure RPG Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy must defeat robotic foes who have invaded a post-apocalyptic western United States.

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God Of War: Ragnarok

In this game, Kratos battles Thor. That should be reason enough to give God of War: Ragnarok top marks. While enhancing the open environment and making it far more complex and explorable, this game also carried many good fighting aspects from God of War in 2018. Atreus and Kratos journey across the nine Norse mythological realms in God of War: Ragnarok.

Pokemon Legends:Arceus

When a beloved property significantly alters the gameplay, it usually happens for the worse. It’s incredible to consider how famous Pokémon Legends: Arceus has become while simultaneously dumping series mainstays. Fans loved exploring the area and catching their favourite Pokémon, even if there were few trainer battles and no multiplayer.


Games with a Zelda theme did well in 2022. In addition to creating a contemporary experience that heavily references A Link to the Past, Tunic takes it further by placing its canine protagonist in a 3D platforming environment that players seem to love. Tunic chronicles the exploits of a Fox who wields a sword and shield and conquers the inhabitants of an unfamiliar world.

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