From ‘Spider Man’ To ‘Thor’, Here’s A List of Top 10 Marvel Movies That You Must Add to Your Playlist

Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

In this entertaining but short-lived post-Endgame palate-cleanser, Tom Holland further demonstrates why Marisa Tomei was a terrific choice to play Aunt May and why Spidey is a great choice for him. Dude, Where’s My Web Shooters?-style high school road trip adventures are where Far From Home is most enjoyable, but Jake Gyllenhaal’s poorly constructed Mysterio makes the movie considerably less entertaining.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever(2022)

The MCU’s return to Wakanda succeeds in its most difficult task—paying respect to Chadwick Boseman and establishing his Black Panther heir—but the plot is a fudge. It establishes western imperialism as the main antagonist before deviating, ostensibly to avoid upsetting its target demographic. Even with Letitia Wright’s brilliant performance as the distraught Shuri, there is still a T’Challa-shaped hole in the heart of everything.

Captain Marvel(2019)

The first female-led film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a significant symbolic meaning, especially for young girls who identified with Gal Gadot’s self-assured portrayal of Wonder Woman. But you can’t help but wish the watershed moment had come with a central figure who was more vividly portrayed. Even though Brie Larson plays Room, a job that affords her little opportunity to be human, she feels a little lost in the rubber suit.

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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness(2022)

Perhaps there is a script out there somewhere that can elevate this entertaining but lifeless sequel. For its appearances to be effective, Doctor Strange’s multiverse-spanning quest for the McGuffin penalises WandaVision viewers by abruptly ruining the show’s carefully planned character development. Even though some Sam Raimi-isms occasionally conjure up horror-adjacent craziness, it more frequently settles for studio-packaged cheese instead of satisfying schlock.


Thor obediently achieves its primary objective—to introduce the powerful warrior to the Marvel cinematic universe, as well as the hottie who will be playing him, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth—and little else. He certainly has the appropriate appearance—more like a herd of cattle than a chunk of beefcake.

Ant-Man and the Wasp(2018)

The original Ant-Man film was a livewire heist adventure packed with visual jokes a la Honey I Shrunk the Avengers that was generally successful because of its less-is-more philosophy. In a sequel that tries very hard to be effortlessly funny but lacks the same helter-skelter irreverence, diminishing returns bite, though.


Supergroup fantasy by Chloé Zhao was criticized for being under and overstuffed with the story. Amid the super-punches and awkward family dinners, this adventure also manages to fit in the MCU’s first sex scene, albeit a fairly chaste one. It also introduces wild, cosmic concepts about evolution and ancient history. Its popularity among many Marvel fans is greatly outweighed by its box office earnings. Time will tell if those deeper themes help it gain more traction or if, like its heroes, it remains on the periphery of the MCU.

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The Incredible Hulk(2008)

Edward Norton, fare thee well; we hardly knew you. Before coming out of the shadow of the big green guy, he had just one appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Mark Ruffalo took over). Nothing about this hesitant franchise-builder suggests that there was ever any lost love; the film doesn’t compare much to Ang Lee’s brilliant 2003 version.

Iron Man 2(2010)

Robert Downey Jr. reaches the pinnacle of annoying. His first performance as Tony Stark, a guilty weapons manufacturer, was the wisest of several wise comeback decisions. But with this depressingly uninteresting follow-up (written by snark expert Justin Theroux), he is left in a state of weak conceit.

Thor: The Dark World(2013)

This superhero film feels like it could have been produced by anyone and no one, a stumbling jumble of Mythology 101 test answers, generic LOTR-like combat sequences, and Anthony Hopkins roaring in his finest Shakespearean baritone. It serves only as filler before the upcoming huge alliance.


What is the film Thor about?

This superhero film feels like it could have been produced by anyone and no one, a stumbling jumble of Mythology 101 test answers, generic LOTR-like combat sequences, and Anthony Hopkins roaring in his finest Shakespearean baritone.

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