Tom Cruise is “amazing,” says Jennifer Connelly, and “deserves” an Oscar nomination.

Hollywood queen Jennifer Connelly is all in for Tom Cruise, who plays her co-pilot in “Top Gun: Maverick”! The 95th Academy Awards nominations are scheduled to be announced today, and the 52-year-old star anticipates hearing Cruise’s name.

She told Variety that “He’s extraordinary.” She continued, “I think he does an amazing job in the movie.

“He is exceptional both as a person and an actor, and I believe that he is simply…perfect. He captures that character, in her opinion. He deserves it, in her opinion “She commented regarding rumor’s that Cruise would receive an Oscar nomination.

Jennifer Connelly Praises Tom Cruise

In addition to reprising his role as Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from the first “Top Gun” film, Cruise produced “Top Gun: Maverick,” claims report, a US-based news source.

Connelly went on to say of the movie, which earned over $1.4 billion overseas, “I think the movie is a well-made film, and it’s really hard to make a film like that, you know.”

Connelly, who plays Cruise’s love interest, Penny Benjamin, was eager to praise Cruise’s contributions to the film as a whole.

Jennifer said, “And also, think about Tom’s work—think about the things he performed for that job. She described Cruise’s bond with actor Miles Teller’s character Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw as “so beautiful and moving” in addition to all the things on the ground and how fantastic he is in those sequences and forging those ties.”

She also complimented the actor’s piloting skills, many of which he had independently acquired. “The amount of work he put into those flying sequences is extraordinary. It is, in fact, “She told the publication that she was quoted in a certain piece. Despite being nominated for two Golden Globe Awards—in the categories of Best Motion Picture, Drama, and Best Original Song—”Top Gun: Maverick” and Cruise failed to win either of them.


What is the role of Jennifer Connelly in Top Gun: Maverick?

Hollywood queen Jennifer Connelly is all in for Tom Cruise, who plays her co-pilot in “Top Gun: Maverick”!

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