Toddler Reacts To Screaming Kids On Her First Day At DayCare

Toddler Reacts To Screaming Kids

On the first day of her Early Head Start programme, a toddler in Syracuse, New York, appeared to be wondering what she had gotten herself into as she stood in a room full of shrieking children. In the video taken by Oriana Kyles, her gorgeous 18-month-old daughter.

See the video to know how the toddler reacts.

Toddler Reacts To Screaming Kids On Her First Day At DayCare

Onyx Reign gives her new friends the side eye while the commotion around her is happening. According to Kyles, “My daughter has never attended a daycare or programme with other children of a similar age.” She said, “My heart filled with emotions and aback by her response.”

Similar Incidents Of Kids Going Viral

The munchkin bites into her first bite of ice cream in the opening of the trending video. The child is stunned by the ice cream’s incredible flavour as soon as she takes a bite. She grabs the ice cream with both hands as her eyes widen in shock.

How To Control Sensitive Child

Sensitive kids frequently believe that their parents, peers, and other adults don’t understand or value their emotional reactions. So “According to Greenberg, simply validating children who have strong emotions is the most beneficial and influential thing you can do for them. 

“Put yourself in their position and let them know you’re interested in getting to know them. Sit with them in their unpleasant feelings rather than trying to fix their issue (“What makes you think that nobody likes you?” “It must have been so terrible today when Bobby didn’t want to play with you”). You’re assisting children in “jumpstarting the regulation process of managing, soothing, and tolerating them” by validating their emotions.

Maintain Emotional Connection

Maintaining an emotional connection with your children as they get older is essential. They run the risk of engaging in other activities and unhealthy coping mechanisms if they don’t learn how to control “those enormous feelings,” according to Greenberg. As your children’s world expands and becomes more complex, you can tell if they require additional support if you remain aware of their sentiments.

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