Today Cloudflare Inc. announced the development of the Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM

Today, Cloudflare, Inc., a business that seeks to increase the security, speed, and dependability of the Internet, announced the creation of the Cloudfare Zero Trust SIM, the first method to encrypt every data packet that leaves mobile devices.

With the help of the Zero Trust SIM that Cloudflare is creating, businesses will be able to easily and securely connect employee devices to Cloudflare’s extensive global network, directly integrate devices with Cloudfare’s Zero Trust platform, and protect their network and employees regardless of where they are working from.

Cloudflare will also introduce Zero Trust for Mobile Operators, a brand-new wireless carrier partner programme that enables any carrier to instantly provide its subscribers with a full range of mobile security capabilities by utilising Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform.

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It is harder than ever to guarantee that every device used by employees is secure because organisations have gotten more decentralised due to remote working and employee bringing their own devices (BYOD). Most businesses utilise a secure agent, or application, that runs on a user’s device and helps secure it, to address this issue.

Applications and endpoint agents may not be able to safeguard all traffic across all devices despite being crucial components of the security stack and difficult to scale. Cloudflare is developing the first zero trust solution for mobile employee devices on the market to secure them at the SIM level, safeguarding every data packet, in an effort to close this gap.

When used in conjunction with Cloudflare’s complete Zero Trust stack, the Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM makes it simple to impose security measures on all traffic leaving the device.

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The Zero Trust SIM also employs an eSIM (embedded SIM) first strategy, enabling SIMs to be quickly provided to iOS and Android devices and locked to a specific device, reducing the danger of SIM-swapping threats experienced by conventional solutions and saving time for security teams.

Additionally today, Cloudflare unveiled the Zero Trust for Mobile Operators programme, which will assist businesses in securing mobile devices. The wireless carrier partner initiative aims to solve the most difficult performance and security issues associated with mobile connections in concert.

Businesses can unwind knowing their devices and data are secure without worrying about performance thanks to the integration of award-winning security capabilities from Cloudflare with the biggest mobile networks in the planet.

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