Tik Tok launches its Text to Image feature for users

Tik Tok: With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, the world was ready to enter the new phase of technology where the impossible was no longer unthinkable, and everyone was prepared to welcome wonders. Earlier the machines used to work based on input provided by the user. Still, the introduction of artificial intelligence focused on an entirely new field with a lot to offer.

The system uses the data stored in its database and then treats those datasets to produce reliable results. With the potential of such an ability, there were chances for many innovative ideas, including self-thinking robots and self-driving cars.

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But now the world has come up with such a fantastic idea which looks like an imagination come true. This new concept is focused on using these data sets to develop a painting application that would create art. The best thing about such art was that it wasn’t based on a portrait or some other inspiration but on the sentence typed by the user.

Suppose if a person writes “a bird on the beach,” then the AI will check its data sets for a picture of the bird and then look for the image of the beach. Now the AI will place both the photos together, and based on the data sets, it will check the pixel values and ensure that all the surrounding pixels have nearly the same color strengths.

Based on this tech, the most influencing social media platform TikTok has introduced this feature directly in their application. The users can now embed this feature, and the audience can type sentences and experience some of the most fantastic art styles.

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Google lens provided the elements of turning images into the text; this feature does the opposite. Google Imagen, Midjouney software, and DALL-E 2 are other tools in the market that provide text-to-picture features to users, but tik tok has synced it directly into their application.

But users found that this tik-tok was the most advanced model and required a lot of work. This feature can provide some good images for some common sentences. Still, when you try some fictional sentences like “a flying wagon moving up the ocean with Obama on it, “it produces a swirling image that is unclear.

The primary reason is that such applications require high computing power, and standard mobile phones cannot provide the same. TikTok has over a billion users, and if it focuses on giving each one of them the tool’s full potential, then its servers have to face a lot of trouble.

So it’s common to see such bugs in the application; as per the rumors, the companies are competing to develop an application that creates text to video. Based on the storyline typed by the user, the art of the same will be developed and can be downloaded by the user.

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