The world witnesses the fantastic Junior Hockey Tournament

Hockey has taken the entire world by fire, and people are crazy about this world’s junior tournament. Young players are ready with hockey sticks to roll the ball into the goal. Ten teams worldwide will participate in this tournament to choose the best one. This winter, fans would discuss notable highlights over the bonfire and thanksgiving.

The United States is the defending champions, with their team all prepared to perform their best for the fifth consecutive year. This event started with massive hockey on August 9 and will continue until August 20. This 12-day event holds the breath of fans cheering to the top of their hearts to support their teams.

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On August 19, the three finalists will be decided based on the score table and awarded respective medals.

This event’s copyrights and broadcasting rights are provided to US and Canadian citizens to TSN, NHL, and Fubo TV. Based on the current score table, Canada is leading in Group A with 12 points, Finland with 8 points, and the US in group B with 12 points, followed by Sweden with 6 points. There are high chances that users can witness the fight for Gold between US and Canada.

The scoring in the tables is pretty straightforward; for regular and continuous wins, the team is allotted 3 points; for a gap win, they are awarded 2 points and a loss of one point for a loss, but there would be no deduction for the continuous loss.

Once the teams start making their wins and losses, the finalists would be pretty evident, and teams for the semifinals and finals will be selected. There would be a match between teams from the semifinals defeat for a bronze medal. This year there is no Russian team in the tournament due to their ban.

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