The Top 10 Marvel villains with the most kill counts

Even though Marvel villains can be pretty evil, some go to lengths others can’t even fathom. Particular crooks go much further than the others, who are content to rob banks and other places. These bad guys destroy everything in their way. Some of these villains see conquering worlds as their ultimate goal, while others feel they must wipe off anyone they deem worthless, and for some, it is simply a necessary part of their life cycle.

The body counts of many Marvel villains are immeasurable. They have slaughtered everyone in their path and won’t be deterred. Although the justifications vary, the outcomes are always the same: bodies in heaps litter their road.

For More Than A Century, Sabretooth Has Been A Proven Killer

Even though Sabretooth’s first kill was an accident, he continued. Sabretooth went on an unheard-of killing rampage after forcibly escaping his family’s torture. Sabretooth is a close-range killer, yet due to his talent and longevity, he has likely killed thousands of people, potentially even a hundred thousand.

Since Sabretooth has been around for a while, it would take less than three people every day, on average, for him to reach 100,000. That was almost probably an easy feat for Sabretooth.

Red Skull led the armed forces during World War II.

Another bad guy who got into killing while he was young is Johann Shmidt. Adolf Hitler became aware of him, and the Red Skull, the most dreaded soldier in the Third Reich, was born. Red Skull personally murdered more people than most villains on Earth would ever consider doing. He also commanded armies and provided instructions in detention camps.

Red Skull oversaw Hydra after the battle, holding him directly accountable for every person Hydra killed. By the end of World War II, Red Skull’s death toll was absurdly high, but when you factor in Hydra’s activities over the following eight decades, it soars to a level that might fill a sizable metropolis.

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On Earth-4400, King Hyperion destroyed New York City.

Mark Milton, a hero in many realities, had an evil counterpart named King Hyperion. After years of interdimensional travel, he lost it on Earth-4400. King Hyperion captured New York City and slaughtered all of its heroes and villains, as well as everyone who attempted to free him, before turning his attention to the remaining residents.

Millions were murdered in New York City by King Hyperion. Before the Exiles arrived, no one could stop him, and even they faced challenges never before seen. Although none of them could stop Hyperion because of his immense power, they were able to do so by making use of every weapon they had at their disposal.

The Weak Have Been Slain for Millennia by Apocalypse.

The lengthy existence of the Apocalypse began in prehistoric Egypt. He was shunned because of his mutant abilities, yet he emerged victorious. He attacked his captors, killing everyone in his way, and eventually discovered Celestial technology that increased his might. Before turning his focus to the rest of the world, Apocalypse assisted in defending the mutant nation of Okkara against the hordes of Amenth by slaying untold numbers of demons.

The intervening years were spent by Apocalypse purging the weak. Millions of people suffered and died due to his causing the Bronze Age’s collapse. Even though Apocalypse has an absurdly high kill total, if questioned, he would still feel that he left too many weaklings alive.

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Ultron Has Caused Millions of Deaths

Ultron’s distinguishing trait is his determination to exterminate all organic existence. He was very lax on that front for a while, focusing mainly on the Avengers, but circumstances changed. The day Ultron attacked Slorenia, he kicked into high gear, and within a few hours, his drones had decimated the whole nation. But joining the Phalanx was what rocketed his kill total into the sky.

Ultron led the collective race of technological horrors on a campaign of mass extinction of life. Together with the Phalanx, the wicked android attained a new level, wreaking planetary-scale havoc. He has joined the group of assassins on the cosmic scale.

Worlds Throughout His Universe Were Slaved by the Magus

Over the years, Adam Warlock has experienced some legendary adventures, but his run-in with the Magus was among his most challenging. A different kind of Warlock who committed himself to evil, the Magus. He started the Church of Universal Truth and used it to enslave other planets, killing millions of people in the process.

However, he did come back more than once before Warlock was able to stop this alternate future version of himself. The Magus obtained the Infinity Gauntlet, but he could never utilise it to advance his destructive goals.

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Annihilus and The Annihilation Wave destroyed many worlds.

Although the Fantastic Four have encountered many strong creatures, few are as terrifying as Annihilus. Negative Zone was a fearsome conqueror who added to the fear when he released the Annihilation Wave. Until the menace was neutralised by a coalition of cosmic heroes and villains, the Annihilation Wave surged over innumerable worlds, devouring all that stood in its path.

Annihilus had already obliterated everything he encountered in the Negative Zone before the Wave. He can crush almost anything in his path because of his utter monstrosity. His rampages have claimed billions of victims.

Numerous worlds have been deemed unworthy of survival by the Celestials.

The Celestials are among the most potent cosmic entities. They have travelled the universe for billions of years, bringing life to new planets and guiding evolution. The Celestials are rumoured to visit the worlds they created and judge the people who live there. They only keep the worthy people. They annihilate those they don’t.

How many billions of beings the Celestials have eliminated is unknown. They function on a scale that is beyond the comprehension of lower creatures. Even though their judgments are made without malice, the destroyed worlds do not find comfort in this.

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Like a few others, Thanos has spread death.

The universe’s most dreaded entity by far is Thanos. There is a compelling explanation behind that. The Titan settlement was destroyed by Thanos, who also massacred his people there. Since then, the Mad Titan’s fury has been felt on numerous planets. He may not have lived as long as the Celestials, but he made up for it in volume.

With the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos committed his most heinous act of mass murder. He destroyed half the living things in the cosmos, which still stands even though they were all raised from the dead. The number of deaths at once is undoubtedly the highest, furthering people’s terror of Thanos.

From the beginning of time, Galactus has been destroying planets.

Galactus isn’t a bad guy in the traditional sense, but try saying that to a planet in his way. To exist, Galactus must eat whole worlds, many of which were populated. Given that the universe has been around for 13.7 billion years, Galactus’ toll on life is incalculable.

Galactus still has more kills than Thanos despite the latter having killed half the universe in a single attack. The sheer number of worlds he destroyed in 13.7 billion years is unfathomably massive, even though not all of them were inhabited or had a sizable population. After just 100,000 years of human existence, scientists on Earth estimate that the number of dead people equals the number of living people.

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