The status of Omicron variant all over the world

From the year 2019, corona variants are making life hard and slow. People around the world have witnessed a lot of deaths due to Covid 19. Now, the new variant has come and that is Omicron. The health agency of France has stated that Omicron Variant in France: 62.4 per cent of tests exposed a profile well-matched with the Omicron variant in France.

Omicron has become the core coronavirus strain in France where the number of contagions has swelled in the previous few days, the country’s public health agency has stated.

The Omicron variant’s spread

was predictable since it is extremely transmissible and has become the leading in other European countries that including Portugal and Britain.

The strain has contributed to the present outbreak in cases, which beat 200,000 in the 24-hour period from Wednesday to Thursday.

French hospitals are at present taking care of 18,321 Covid-19 patients, counting 1,922 new patients between Wednesday and Thursday, with more than 3,500 people in severe care.

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The situation is not well. So, the government has declared that make sure that people will do work from home and execute a limit on the numbers presence public occasions.

The virus has charged 123,552 lives in France since it was identified in China in late 2019.

Well, what is the status of the Omicron variant of Covid in India?

From 22 December 2021, India has stated 213 Omicron Cases. As of 21 December 2021, India has described 200 cases of Omicron (Coronavirus). Between 200 cases, 123 cases are vigorous, and the rest of the cases 77, have been discharged or improved.

In the middle of countrywide alarm caused by reason of Omicron, there is a little symbol of hope as maximum Omicron cases are stable and are getting discharged without having any kind of serious complication, said Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director, LNJP on December 23. 

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