The overhyped Broncos led by Russell Wilson lack the resources to turn things around.

Russell Wilson is an example of a quarterback who rarely gets moved. A nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback who is only 33 years old finds himself on a new team seldom happens. Naturally, a quarterback with that background will face high expectations while donning a new outfit.

Unfortunately, Wilson and the Denver Broncos don’t seem to be able to live up to the hype after a big offseason deal from Seattle that virtually equates to an entire draft’s worth of picks. And it’s reasonable to question whether Wilson and the Denver Broncos can even solve their critical flaws as they prepare to try and get some momentum against the Colts tonight.

Russell Wilson had one (1!) multi-touchdown game in the classic orange crush jersey in four snoozer games in 2022. Wilson had just one fun with more than 300 yards passing, an ironic (and presumably painful) homecoming loss to the Seahawks on an offence with weapons like Courtland Sutton and the gifted but inconsistent Jerry Jeudy.

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Other apparent flaws pointed up by the veteran:

Is 16th in passing in the NFL? He only has a 91.1 passing grade (in 2022 pro football, this is not good, to be precise) and has only thrown for four touchdowns (Note: Patrick Mahomes is coming off a magnificent three-score effort against the Bucs, who had the NFL’s best defence; Wilson’s Broncos were expected to upset them this season).

Wilson’s problems have impacted the remainder of the Broncos’ offence. It’s an attack that can’t be identified in any way—the fourth week of the season. Most teams in contention, like the Chiefs, have a distinct offensive strength they like to rely on. Travis Kelce serves as a safety valve for Kansas City. In Buffalo, Josh Allen has a quarterback power sweep. Ja’Marr Chase is generally in the area where the Bengals send the ball up, but this is undoubtedly intentional. In Baltimore, Lamar Jackson has his off-tackle run or is shooting it to Mark Andrews down the seam.

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