The Legendary Quartet of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Described Here

Fans anticipate each new starter, mascot legendary Pokemon, and other legendary Pokemon with bated breath. Following the release of the games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new legendary foursome has finally been formally unveiled. Fans were eager to learn more about the reported four new legendaries and how they would play into the game despite Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s “Ruinous” Quartet being released ahead of the game’s official release. Although these Pokemon weren’t directly related to Scarlet and Violet’s storyline, they bring a rich background and a special “mission” that gives the game more depth.

Due to bits of backstory that have been revealed, this quartet—also known among fans as the “Treasures of Ruin”—was supposed to have been treasures of a Paldean kingdom that had been tainted by negative human emotions and released upon the area. As a result of their associations with annihilation and destruction, all four of them are dual-type Pokemon, with Dark being the kind they all share. The Ruinous Quartet, which draws its inspiration from Chinese mythology and folklore, gives Pokemon Scarlet and Violet a darker tone than prior legendary teams like the Swords of Justice or the freshly enlarged Forces of Nature.

Legendary Quartet of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Ting-Lu

Ting-Lu, the first of the quartet in the Paldean Pokedex, is thought to represent the populace’s fear of the oppressive ruler who formerly governed the area’s realm. It’s also implied that the king would carry out rites to reassert his authority to rule, terrifying and frightening his followers in the process. Ting-Lu is a ritual doll that is brought to life as a result of having a “ding,” or traditional Chinese cauldron, perched upon its head. Given that Ting-Lu is based on the gluttonous Taotie of Chinese mythology, the two-eye pattern of the ding confirms fans’ assumptions that the Four Perils are the source of inspiration for the legendaries and the other characters.

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Ting-Lu would be the second legendary to draw influence from moose, elk, or deer after Xerneas, another connection to Pokemon X and Y’s Kalos. The series includes plenty of Pokemon based on moose, elk, or deer. Although it’s unlikely that the games will make much use of this information, many players may see it as another sign that Kalos-based DLC is on the way.

While Violet’s report focuses on Ting-ding Lu’s and claims it uses it to break the earth apart violently, Scarlet’s Pokedex entry confirms that Ting-body Lu’s is made of dirt and rocks it can control. Ting-high Lu’s HP, Attack, and Defense stats among the group of four, combined with its Dark/Ground typing, make it one of the strongest Pokemon to battle and catch as proof of its might.

Chien-Pao is an expression of the people’s anger towards the king, whereas Ting-Lu reflected their dread. Chien-Pao, maybe the darkest of the four, resembles Qiongqi, who in the Four Perils mythos kills for fun and consumes people. Chien-Pao’s design, which features two blade-like fangs reminiscent of sabertooth felines, alludes to this brutal side of the Pokemon, even though it’s highly unlikely that Game Freak would make Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so dark. But according to Violet’s Pokedex entry, these swords are how Chien-Pao was made, manifested by the people and their hatred who died at the king’s blade to form a body made of ice and snow.

Although it still confirms the Pokemon’s sadistic character, its Scarlet entry suggests that it plays around innocently in the snow after causing an avalanche. This entry, along with Chien-overall Pao’s design, furthers the idea that the Pokemon was inspired by snow leopards. Because of its slim design and Ice/Dark type, which it shares with the Johtonian Sneasel line, some people claim that Chien-Pao was also influenced by the Japanese Kamaitachi, a yokai that resembles a weasel. However, this also implies that it shares the Fighting kinds’ heightened vulnerability, which may discourage players from utilising Chien-Pao on their team.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet’s Wo-Chien

Wo-Chien stands out from the other members of the Ruinous Quartet because it is the only one to have originated from a single person’s animosity toward the king rather than from all of his subjects combined. This is supported by Pokemon Scarlet’s Pokedex entry, which states that someone was condemned for writing down the king’s wicked actions on wooden tablets. Wo-design Chien’s is reminiscent of a snail, suggesting that it was inspired by Taowu of the Four Perils, which itself stands for stubbornness and idleness. The fact that it can deprive flora of its life and leave everything barren doesn’t lessen its risk. Violet’s entry demonstrates this.

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Wo-Grass/Dark Chien’s type combination is probably caused by the wooden tablets that made up the Pokemon’s shell, as mentioned in its Scarlet entry. Although there have been many snail-based or snail-like Pokemon over the years, such as Sliggoo or Magcargo, Wo-Chien would be the first to be legendary, lending it a sense of oddity. Wo-Chien is undeniably unique among the four Treasures of Ruin, and the variety of HP-draining or gaining moves could make it a valuable strategic addition to any team. Although fans are divided over its overall design and its increased weakness to Bug-type Pokemon may deter some players, there are indeed varying opinions on its popularity.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet’s Chi-Yu

The fourth member of the quartet, Chi-Yu, isn’t the least important because she looks to have startled fans the most. It originated from the populace’s envy of the king, whose avarice led him to spend lavishly on pleasures rather than his subjects. Because of this, chi-Yu has magatama eyes, which have special cultural and historical meanings in Japan. As a result, Chi-design Yu’s was based on a heavenly eye, a species of goldfish known for its big, bulbous eyes, using these beads as inspiration. Like Wo-Chien, it stands out from other Pokemon legendaries with its peculiar design, which has earned it the title of some players’ favourite.

However, Chi-Yu is a Fire/Dark-type Pokemon, which is something that its Pokedex entries elaborate on, as opposed to being simply another Water-type fish Pokemon. Pokemon Scarlet explains how using this fire may melt rock to create pools of lava for itself to swim across, while Pokemon Violet affirms that Chi-Yu makes itself out of the fire. This is a counterpart to the last of the Four Perils, Hundun, who is known as a chaotic being capable of irrational wrath that might easily be sparked by Chi-Yu if it razes mountains and leaves a trail of molten rock. Given that it has the greatest Special Attack of the quartet, its diminutive size and innocent demeanour should not be disregarded.

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