The Last of Us actor says people will believe that “The Game Is Based On The Series”

Hello friends today we will talking about The Game Is Based On The Series. Naughty Dog officially released a full-length teaser for HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us on The Last of Us Day, giving us a good preview of what to expect in 2023. Fans of the show have already noted how accurate of an adaptation it is, with one actor even speculating that it would lead some people to think the game is a series adaptation.

In the first and second games, Jeffrey Pierce plays Tommy, Joel’s brother. Pierce commented on the new teaser on Twitter, first calling it “wonderful” and then pointing out instances of Gabriel Luna as Tommy, who is just briefly visible in the clip.

Along with his enthusiasm for the programme, Pierce also expressed his belief that the trailer will make first-time viewers assume that The Game Is Based On The Series indeed based on the programme rather than the other way around. People who watch The Last Of Us on HBO will believe the game is based on the series, according to Pierce, who added that the cast is “so fantastic.”

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Pierce also jokingly expressed his desire to see Joel behave like a video game character in the programme, acting out typical game-playing requirements. He stated: “I want Joel to climb onto the hood of the semi-truck when I see it in the distance so I can see if there is anything to scavenge on top of the trailer. Additionally, it could result in duct tape being found on the second floor of an apartment complex. Or at least a brick “.

One of the main things that the production team has emphasised since the show’s first announcement is that it would be faithful to the original game, as evidenced by leaked set footage and now by this trailer.

It remains to be seen if such faithfulness will indeed cause some people to think the show came before the game, but it’s also important to note that it’s rumoured to contain some moments that are unique to the programme.

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