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The Green Satoshi Token: All the Information You Need to Know

Hello friends today we will talking about Green Satoshi Token. Ever wonder what it would be like to make money while going about your usual business? This is now feasible because to the enormous variety of cryptocurrencies. As you go about your regular activities—such as walking, cooking, exercising, etc.—you may now earn cryptocurrency. We’ll discuss about one such cryptocurrency today. The Stepn App that enables you to earn the Green Satoshi Token (GST).

What is the Green Satoshi Token (GST) App?

In contemporary augmented reality (AR) games, a virtual world has been layered on the real one. A little while afterwards, play-to-earn videogames and other activities started to surface. These services offered bitcoin payments to users who met in-game objectives.

Stepn expands on that idea by including the more contemporary “play to earn” model, which was made famous by games that reward players with cryptocurrency tokens like Axie Infinity: players accrue points based on their GPS-measured progress. As a result, a game was developed that tracks users’ physical activity in the real world and gives them rewards in the form of bitcoin.

The Stepn mobile app, created by software company FindSatoshi Lab on the Ethereum rival Solana, allows users to earn money by strolling, walking, jogging, sprinting, or running during a precisely defined interval that refreshes every 24 hours. Members get bitcoin tokens as compensation for their achievements after accruing credits depending on the distance they exercise, which is tracked by GPS. The Green Satoshi Token is the prize produced by utilising this software (GST)

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Similar to how you may strengthen your armour to withstand certain attacks in a traditional role-playing game, you can modify your shoe in Stepn to boost 1 or more of 5 unique attributes: a capacity for resistance that slows degradation (and diminishing rewards); The probability that players may receive a random reward during a period is increased by luck, comfort, and efficiency. Efficiency also increases the amount of GST that is gained for each unit of “energy” utilised. GMT is a separate form of token.

The timescale on STEPN is measured by the sixth characteristic, energy. When you first begin a game, you have two energy units. Each unit is restored and stands for an extra 10 minutes following each move-to-earn session. Each day, you are only allowed to use one energy. This suggests that the maximum amount of exercise you may get while earning GST is 10 minutes per day. You must also make sure that the type of footwear you are wearing corresponds to the pace at which you are walking. As soon as you have accumulated enough Green Satoshi Token to switch to the new shoe, you can unlock any of the four aforementioned attributes and level up your gameplay.

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What is the Green Satoshi Token (GST)?

The Green Satoshi Token is the utility token for the STEPN ecosystem (GST). It is used as in-game currency as a replacement for experience points or achievement awards. GST is required for creating, changing, and maintaining NFT Sneakers. GST is acquired by users walking in Solo mode or Background mode.

Players get Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) via the STEPN app, which are generated during the walking, running, and other active exercise modes. Another option for investors to generate GST is by renting out their NFTs to system users or new participants. Additionally, the blockchain allows for the exchange of GST tokens for Carbon Removal Credit, supporting the notion of carbon neutrality in the battle against global warming and contributing to environmental preservation.

The Solana-based GST and the Binance Smart Chain-based GST are the two types of GST. The GST has an integrated burning feature that is designed to progressively reduce supply and support price. Although STEPN users are GST’s main target market, potential customers can purchase tokens through Coinbase to take part in the app’s growth.

Regulations in Mainland China have caused the price of the bitcoin platform to decrease. According to the warning, the STEPN app will no longer be allowed to run in China as of July 15, 2022. It is one of the factors that contributed to the most recent crypto market collapse.

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What are the different modes to earn the Green Satoshi Token?

The Stepn app offers these three modes:

Solo Mode: The quantity of GST earned through movement is influenced by the player’s level of physical activity and the availability of NFT shoes.

Enrollment for any weekly or monthly online marathons must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Background Mode: Users can earn GST tokens even if they just possess one pair of shoes. Even when the software is not operating, the background mode is still in place and has no effect on how long the shoes last.

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How to obtain Green Satoshi Token using the Stepn App?

There is an iOS and Android version of the Stepn app. In this part, we’ll go through both platforms’ whole sign-up procedures in detail and show you how to use the app to get your very own Green Satoshi Token.

Step 1: Search for Stepn in the Google Play store on your Android device, then tap the first result you find. You may also get there right away by clicking this link.

Alternately, if you’re using an iOS device, search for Stepn on the App Store and open the first result you see. You may also get there right away by clicking this link.

Step 2: Click Install and wait for the software to install on your iOS or Android smartphone. Open the app after installation.

Step 3: After entering your email, press the Send Code button. A verification code will be sent to your email.

Step 4: Type in the validation code and press the Login/Sign up button.

Step 5: Enter your activation code if you have one. You may either join Stepn’s discord or the waiting list if you don’t have an activation code.

(Note: This code is required for the activation of your account. You cannot sign up for this app without inputting this code.)

Step 6: Click Enter Stepn after entering an activation code. Your account will be successfully created. To proceed, finish the basic app instruction.

Step 7: To create a new wallet, click the Wallet icon. Verify wallet information and create a secret phrase.

Step: To earn the Green Satoshi Token, buy a pair of sneakers from the app’s shop and start moving about (GST).

(Note: You must first purchase a pair of sneakers in order to qualify for the GST. You won’t be able to make money without sneakers.)

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How to buy Green Satoshi Token using Coinbase?

The Green Satoshi Token is available for purchase for Rs. 4.9 on the open market. It may be purchased using a variety of crypto wallets, but you will first need to convert Binance token. We will discuss how to directly purchase the GST using Coinbase without utilising a binance conversion in this section.

Step 1: Log into your Coinbase account if you already have one. Otherwise, make a fresh account.

Step 2: Look for the Green Satoshi Token after finishing account setup.

Step 3: From the list, select the Green Satoshi Token. Select “Buy.”

Step 4: Enter how much you wish to purchase. You can choose the quantity of tokens or the price at which you wish to buy a token.

Step 5: If you have any remaining funds in your Coinbase wallet, they will be instantly taken out. If not, fill your wallet first and go through Steps 1 through 4 again.

You now proudly possess the Green Satoshi Token, so congrats.

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What can you buy on the Stepn Marketplace using the Green Satoshi Token?

The Stepn app’s marketplace is a distinctive location devoted to the green movement. On the market, you may purchase footwear, diamonds, and badges.

Earning the Green Satoshi Token requires sneakers. It is the fundamental component that each user has to have in order for the app to function at its fullest potential. Sneakers may be classified into five categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

When a Sneaker is minted, the degree of each Attribute will be chosen at random between the lowest and maximum levels according to Sneaker quality. As a result, even high-quality shoes might have drastically different distributions of characteristics. Customers can rate the Sneakers by using GST, albeit occasionally GMT is also required. Each rank up has a predetermined completion time that increases as more GST and GMT are required based on Sneaker level. GST can be increased to hasten or hasten this process.

Users can unlock Gem Sockets when their Sneakers reach the necessary level, and they can then utilise the proper Gems to enhance their Sneaker Attributes in the unlocked Sockets. By selecting the Upgrade option beneath the Gems section, users can raise the level of their Gems by burning GST and combining three Gems of the same level and sort.

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If users wish to rent something, they may do so on the in-app Marketplace. They must submit an application, be matched with a leaser, and unconditionally accept the leaser’s terms before their rental request is approved. After each 24-hour rental term, the Sneaker will be returned to the owner for upkeep. The length of a rental agreement can go up to seven days, depending on the tenant’s credit standing. If the renter does not adhere to the terms of the rental agreement, their credit score will be decreased by one star.

Renters’ credit scores must increase by passing a series of “scholar” examinations. If they receive a 2/5 rating, they can start renting. By ensuring they are aware with all the fundamentals of the programme, this approach prevents renters from misusing or underusing it and producing no returns. The credit score can go up to 5/5.

What do you think of the Stepn App’s environmentally friendly initiative? Please contact us in the comment area if you have any questions about the Green Satoshi Token, and we will respond as soon as we can.

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