The First Look of Android 13: Here’s What New Features You can Expect

Android recently gave the preview 1 of their latest release, Android 13. With an overwhelming number of Android users all over the world, there has been excitement to see what Android 13 has to offer to its users.

The new model has some basic themes and features that are maintained in all its previous models like privacy and security, also developer productivity. There are build ups on some of the newer updates the company made in 12L to help users take advantage of the 250+ million large screen Android devices that are currently functioning. Following are the features discussed in detail:

Privacy and Security:

Electrical devices today store sensitive and private information of the user. And for this purpose, the security of the software should be strong enough to assure the user the safety of their information. Android 13 focuses on building a responsible and high quality platform for all by providing a safer environment on the device and more controls to the users. In the newest release, the company has introduced a photo picker app that will allow users to share photos and videos without the app needing permission to view all the files on the device. The NEARBY_WIFI_DEVICES runtime permission will enable apps to discover and connect to nearby WiFi networks without needing the device location.

Developer Productivity and Tools:

One of the core missions of Android is to enable users to create beautiful apps that can run on billions (well, not literally) of devices. Some of the new features in this category include:
  a. Quick Settings Placement API- For the apps that provide custom titles, Android 13 is making it easy for users to discover and add their titles to Quick Settings. By using a new tile placement API, the app will now prompt the user to directly add their custom tile to the set of active Quick settings tiles.
  b. Themed app icons- This will let users opt for icons that will coordinate with the shade of their wallpaper and also take in consideration other theme preferences.
  c. Per- app language preference- Someapps let users choose a language that differs from the system language. A similar API will be added so that the user can set different preferred languages in different apps.

App Compatibility in Android 13:

Android is working to make updates faster and smoother by making app compatibility a priority as the company rolls out new platform versions.
  a. More of Android updated through Google Pay-  In this new version, the company is expanding their investment in Google Play system updates to give the apps a more consistent, secure environment across devices. They have also added new modules, like the Bluetooth and Ultra- wideband modules, in order to further expand the scope of Android 13’s updatable core functionality.

There are much more features that will be updated with the new previews and releases. We as users, are looking forward to see what else will the new model has to offer us customers.

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