The director who accused Bella Thorne of “flirting with him” when she was 10 years old receives criticism from the actress

Bella Thorne is coming out against a filmmaker who, when she was just 10 years old, accused her of “flirting with him.”

The “Midnight Sun” star remembered the terrible event she thinks about “every day” that drives her “crazy” during a talk on Tuesday’s episode of the actor and model Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast “High Low with EmRata.”

Bella Thorne

The Disney “Shake It Up” alum admitted it was “fucking hard” to be a kid performer in the spotlight while explaining how young females are all too often sexualized early in their Hollywood careers.

The 25-year-old actor described one especially awkward casting session she had with an anonymous male director, who claimed she was flirting with him and made him “uncomfortable” at the time.

“When I was 10 years old, a director once gave me input. The casting director contacts my agency, who calls my mother, and they say, “So, she’s not moving ahead because the director felt like she was flirting with him and it made him incredibly uncomfortable,” Thorne remembered.

The encounter, according to Thorne, “nearly [made] I find fault in myself.” At age 10, she said she had to constantly tell herself that she was “not the problem,” but the experience sent her into a tailspin of feverish thoughts.

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What were you up to, Bella? How did you act? She recalls having this thought at the time: “You made him feel like this.

I don’t give a fuck what the fuck I said, continued Thorne, shocked by the claims of inappropriate flirtation at such a young age. I don’t give a damn if I told you to eat my pussy now. 10 was my age at the time. How could you possibly have thought that [I was flirting]?

You’re in a director session, so you can’t talk or do anything, continued Thorne. You act the part, greet everyone, and then go. There is no time for me to go sit on your lap or bother you. What the hell are you on about?

In other parts of the interview, Thorne opened up about the difficulties she faced coming to terms with her sexuality while “not only the whole world watching you but specifically men.” She also revealed that she once came dangerously close to losing her job at Disney after showing up to a beach in a bikini and body chain.

Thorne said, “I feel like I’ve rocked the word sex for a long time and I’ll always keep rocking this word because it’s what’s been pushed on me since I was so tiny, and yet it’s still something that I’ve stolen so much of my power back by owning that word.

Ratajkowski, who played Thorne in the 2014 film “Gone Girl,” told Thorne to “forgive” herself since she was a “fucking kid” before sharing her account of an uncomfortable encounter with her agent when she was 16 years old.

“They pointed to my photo and said, “This face.’ I was with my friend, who was modelling at the time with the same agency. We know this girl gets banged because of this. “You’ve got to teach Emily a lesson on this,” the celebrity recalled.

She continued, “I remember being flattered, but also obviously so ashamed and disgusted, and now, of course, looking back, that is so screwed up that they said that.

Thorne revealed on social media in January 2018 that she had been sexually abused as a child.

“I was physically and sexually assaulted as a child from the time I can remember until I was 14 years old. when I attained the bravery to sit beside my locked door at night. all night long. Waiting for someone to use my life once more. I kept waiting for it to stop, and eventually, it did. However, not all of us are that fortunate to survive. Please take a stance today for every mistreated soul. “Times up,” she posted at the moment on Instagram.

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What is the Bella Thorne controversy?

Bella Thorne is coming out against a filmmaker who, when she was just 10 years old, accused her of “flirting with him.”

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