The brain for Tesla’s Optimus robot will be unveiled soon

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, estimated the price of the Optimus robot to be around $20,000.

The wait for the Tesla AI Day 2022 was worthwhile. Tesla has come a long way from revealing a working prototype of the Optimus robot to a person in a robot suit. At the event, the business discussed the robot’s hardware and software as well as some intriguing new developments in DOJO, its full self-driving (FSD) beta version, and other areas.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, thinks that these developments may eventually have a significant impact on AGI.

The Optimus team claimed that the self-driving computer that powers Tesla cars also powers Optimus. Mechanical design engineer Lizzie Miskovetz stated, “On stage today, this is essentially the first time the robot has functioned without a leash.

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“You may have witnessed a demonstration of a highly remarkable humanoid robot. That’s fantastic. What, however, are they lacking? They lack a brain that would be able to independently traverse the world, according to Musk. When the robot is fully developed and operational, he claimed, it will be significantly less expensive than a car. He said, “I’d guess probably less than $20,000.”

The company’s aim, he continued, is to produce the robot in great production, at cheap cost, and with excellent dependability in order to “create a useful humanoid robot as rapidly as feasible.”

Although the robot is still in its early phases of development, Musk did recognise this. “There’s still a lot of work to be done to refine Optimus and improve it, obviously, because it’s just Optimus version one,” Musk continued. “That’s really why we’re holding this event, which is to persuade some of the most talented people in the world like you guys to join Tesla and help make it a reality and bring it to fruition at scale, such that it can help millions of people.”

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