The Blessing of Bill Paxton’s Son for Twister 2

The Twister sequel has officially been announced, with Twisters, the follow-up movie, expected to begin production early in 2019. Sadly, because Bill Paxton, the original Twister star, passed away in 2017, it won’t include the return of Dr. William “The Extreme” Harding. Many people now have apprehension about Twisters. And some fans wonder why the sequel is even being made without the late actor.

But James Paxton, Bill’s son, is one supporter of Twisters. According to him, Twisters “has his blessing,” and he “hopes they make a terrific movie,” according to TMZ. Additionally, Paxton says he’s open to participating in the movie as a way to honor his father. If that were to occur, it would be a complete circle experience for him because his father used to take him to the Twister set when he was younger. James claims that he hung out in the red truck frequently shown in the movie.

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Additionally, the younger Paxton claims that Bill tried to get a Twister sequel made before he passed away. He had the notion of creating a new character, the child of his and Helen Hunt’s roles, and Twisters may take that turn if news gets out that Hunt wants to repeat her part. According to James, the sequel has the potential to be just as exceptional as other popular heritage sequels like Top Gun: Maverick because the original is such an “iconic” movie.

Will Helen Hunt Make a Comeback in Twisters?

According to a recent story from Deadline, Twisters will reportedly follow the daughter of Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt’s characters, evoking Paxton’s concept for the intended sequel. Even though Paxton won’t be able to appear in Twisters himself, having his character’s daughter serve as the new protagonist will be a particular tribute to him. Hunt recently disclosed that she has also been pitching a Twister sequel with a new cast of diverse storm chasers, so it is unclear if she would sign on for the project, but it does seem plausible.

She admitted on Watch What Happens Live with Mitch Cohen, “I attempted to have it made. “They wouldn’t do it even with me writing it, Daveed [Diggs], Rafael [Casal], and all other Black and Brown storm chasers. I was planning to oversee it. When it came to diversity in June 2020, we had trouble even getting a meeting. It would have been awesome.”

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