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The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

We have always talked about how cryptocurrencies is the big game for the future. But when it comes to telling which, one would be the best, we always find ourselves in a puddle of confusion. Among the plethora options available out there, narrowing your best bets can be tedious. Therefore, today I bring for you the top cryptocurrencies that you can invest in 2022 if you want to invest in crypto and are confused to pick out one.

(Who knows, after today’s blog, you might wanna invest in cryptocurrencies not in a single crypto, but you might want to invest in two as well!)

Lucky Block-

Lucky Block is a crypto-lottery platform that basically uses blockchain technology in order to improve the traditional lottery systems. In this, the user can purchase lotto tickers using LBLOCK, which is the platform’s native token, implying that the entire process in digitized and fair. An advantage of LBLOCK over FIAT is that the former can make pay-outs much faster, and it also conducts multiple prizes draws every day. Not only this, users from all the world can take part in these draws which makes the access region- the whole world. Due to these reasons, the hype around Lucky Block is grand, and its presale also got sold out two weeks ahead of schedule.

Not only this, the Telegram group has more than 20,000+ members, which definitely tells us about the strong community this platform.

Avalanche (AVAX)-

It is a super-fast blockchain platform that uses instead of one- three chains. This means that all the tasks are divided, and this in turn implies that the transaction speeds are now significantly increased. Avalanche further uses two separate mechanisms, which not only ensures the immense scalability, but it also boosts the speed.

Filecoin (FIL)-

 Created by Protocol Labs, it is a distributed data storage network that looks forward to turn unused data storage into a business resource, wherein those who have excess capacity will be able to sell it to those users who are seeking greater capacity. This exchange happens in an algorithmically automated driven marketplace. The network of FIL is built on the protocol known as InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which acts both as a layer to incentivize participation in the network and also to provide security in an addition to the peer-to-peer sharing of storage. 

Theta Network (THETA)-

Theta Network uses blockchain to transform how we consume various kinds of video content, including upgrading the creative process and the technology of streaming. This is an alternate approach when it comes to the video streaming industry like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc., where huge amount of money is invested in cryptocurrencies. The THETA token incentivizes network usage, wherein excess bandwidth as well as computing power can be shared all across the decentralized network. Its investors include Consensus FinTech Group, DHVC, DU Capital, among several others.

The Sandbox (SAND)-

An ecosystem wherein gamers can own, create, as well as monetize their activities with the help of NFTs and the platform’s utility token $SAND. NFTs are a digital certificate of ownership. Players/users can use these NFTs to assign ownership (that can later be verified) to their digital assets that can integrate into games and traded on marketplaces in cryptocurrencies. The platform also provides tools like the Game Maker that enables player engagement. The Sandbox Metaverse is comprised of digital lots of real estate which is bought with LAND tokens, and where the players can interact being digital property developers. Even companies such as Facebook are betting big on the metaverse as the next revolution on the internet, where people will work, socialize, play, and shop.

Decentraland (MANA)-

This platform in its virtual world aspect, is similar to The Sandbox. In this platform too, LAND tokens are present which can be purchased with ERC-20 compatible MANA token which runs on Ethereum blockchain. Here too, NFTs are used to give a proof of ownership to the digital real estate. The most valuable LAND just parallel to our real world, will be found in the busiest places. Its institutional investors include cryptocurrencies, Animoca Brands, Boost VC, Digital Currency Group, Fabric Ventures, Fundamental Labs, HASHED, Kenetic Capital, and Kosmos Capital.

Enjin (ENJ)-

Enjin Coin is again, a game based metaverse product from the cryptocurrencies world, making its token, the go-to digital asset the focal point for in-game items. The platform’s aim is to become the “largest gaming community platform online” and it already is proud of the involvement of 250,000 gaming communities with a whopping total of 18.7 million gamers. The team of Enjin has some of the best innovators in the NFT field, since they won approval as an Ethereum token standard for specialized NFTs- ERC-1155; the token they invented in cryptocurrencies. Just like The Sandbox, this platform also distributes software development kits to their developers in order to facilitate quick deployment of integrations into games.

Curve (CRV)-

The Curve Protocol has shown fast-growth in the decentralized finance sector (DeFi). The approach that the platform adopted initially centered on leveraging the liquidity of stablecoins in order to create more stable sources for yields on loans. Today, it has expanded to become a venue that trades all kinds of coins with pegged values, such as the wrapped tokens, that run blockchains other than Ethereum where Curve runs. Presently, cryptocurrencies Curve has 122 different liquidity pools for the pairs that can be exchanged on the decentralized exchange (DEX), where it has highly competitive trading fees, constrained slippage, and deep liquidity. Its institutional investors include Fuel Venture Capital, Crowdcube, CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund, and Outward VC/

This was your list for some of the cryptocurrencies that you can invest in 2022. This blog is meant to only provide you with some of the options that might suit the reader. The final decision rests in your hands. And before you finalize any one of the options, it is necessary to conduct enough research and have sufficient knowledge of the cryptocurrencies. For other finance related blogs, make sure to check our website.

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