TATA Group plans to open 100 exclusive Apple stores across India: Check details here

The TATA group has once more made the risky decision to take substantial action. Now, 100 special Apple shops will be opened in India. The two IT behemoths, Apple and TATA Group, will collaborate on it. Early in 2023, the first shop is anticipated to begin operations. These stores will be more compact than normal. They’ll be retailers who are authorised by Apple. They will occupy a space of between 500 and 600 square feet. The franchisee partner for the establishment of each of these locations will be Infiniti Retail. So what will be sold at these stores? Smaller things like iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and other products are anticipated to be sold in these stores.

One of the most significant markets for the Apple brand is quickly becoming India. Apple iPhone sales are booming in India. These are about to shatter all records. The Apple iPhone 12 and Apple iPhone 13 have once more topped the sales charts. India made a significant contribution to Apple’s strong revenue increase by TATA Group. This is undoubtedly a hint that the brand will grow in India more quickly than it did in the past. Additionally, the money made from the selling of iPhones is rather admirable. This is outstanding in every way.

So are you also planning to switch from Android to Apple?

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Currently How many Apple stores are offline in India?

In this three years, TATA Group plans to open 100 exclusive Apple stores across India, wants to raise the number of Apple outlets worldwide from 75 to 175. Throughout addition, it will open four more of these premier locations, bringing the total to seven in India.

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