Syska SW300 POLAR, Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitoring and Health Tracking

Hello friends today we will talking about Syska SW300 POLAR. You must be surprised by the headline, don’t you? Yes, it is true that a company that typically specialises in creating home gadgets has not yet released its brand-new wristwatch for the public.

The fact that this is a more recent strategy by the company provides us all a signal that they will be moving into “Technology Specific” items. However, if you’re actively seeking for a smartwatch with plenty of features, you might want to take a look at this new offering from Syska. If you want to learn more about the device, we have a thorough review of the Syska SW300 POLAR Smartwatch right here.

The Syska SW300 POLAR smartwatch has some incredible features that you won’t find on many other models in this price range. On the front, there is a sizable circular dial display that is 1.32 inches in diameter and has an IPS Ultraview screen with a resolution of 360 x 360. The screen can be brightened up to 500 nits, making it more suited for outdoor use.

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Different Modes 

In all, it supports more than 35 sports models. This covers a variety of sporting disciplines, such as running, cycling, climbing, and many more. For a user to effectively use it, all of these modes are more than sufficient.


GPS and Bluetooth are included in the Syska SW300 POLAR smartwatch’s connection options. Here, the wristwatch may be used to assist the GPS (Global Positioning System) monitor your location, and the Bluetooth functions can be utilised to link the smartwatch to various Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The feature that sets this wristwatch apart in terms of connection is its capability for dual Bluetooth, including versions 3.0 and 5.0. Additionally, it has the capability of establishing a connection with TWS earbuds. On your smartphone, a tracking feature is also available.

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Built-in Storage

As a result, there is a little bit more room within the wristwatch, where built-in storage is available to handle offline music, photos, and many other things. The internal storage has a capacity of 512MB.

Notification Preview 

With the smartwatch, you can actually have a preview of the notification you get on your smartphone.


The Syska SW300 POLAR smartwatch does many suitable health trackers which include:

  • Health Rate Tracking,
  • Female Health Tracking,
  • Blood Oxygen, and
  • Sleep Monitor tracker

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Reminders and other features

With Syska SW300 POLAR smartwatch, you get information like:

  • Weather reports,
  • Stress Reports,
  • Scheduling Reports,
  • Hand Sanitizing Reminders,
  • Anti-Losing Remainder,
  • Find Phone,
  • Alarm Clock,
  • Stopwatch,
  • Timer, and many more.


According to Syska SW300 POLAR, if the user doesn’t use the Bluetooth calling option, the smartwatch’s battery life may last up to three to five days. If the user does use the Bluetooth calling feature, however, the battery life can last even longer than a week.

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What is its pricing?

After its functions, the smartwatch’s price is its most important component. The wristwatch has an MRP of Rs. 6,999, but you can get it for Rs. 3,299 if you purchase it from the Syska website, and you can get it for Rs. 3,199 if you purchase it through Flipkart.

Conclusion – Should you buy it?

Given that it has so many incredible features and a reasonable price tag, Syska’s new smartwatch is unquestionably a wonderful match. We do, however, have certain unanswered concerns and functions that are missing from this wristwatch.

Unanswered Questions

The operating system utilised by the smartwatch and information on the wristwatch’s after-sales service are still a mystery.

Features not found in the smartwatch 

Despite the fact that the smartwatch has several functionalities. However, several of the fundamental functions, such as support for various watch faces and in-depth data on health activity, will still be lacking.

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