Swiggy introduces first moonlighting policy in industry

On Wednesday, Swiggy, an on-demand food, grocery, and intra-city parcel delivery service, stunned everyone by announcing an industry-first moonlighting policy that permits employees to continue working on initiatives and projects beyond regular business hours. Workers may now accept social or even paid outside jobs in certain situations, subject to organisational authorisation.

Working a second job outside of the typical hours of your primary employment is known in the working world as moonlighting. Most commercial enterprises have policies in place that prohibit this and take a hostile tone against employees who accept employment from other sources.

However, some businesses let employees to work a second job, especially if they are hired on a contract basis.

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The firm stated in a news statement that “this might involve action outside of office hours or on weekends that does not impair their productivity on the full-time job or have a conflict with Swiggy’s business in any manner.”

According to Swiggy, many people in the country discovered new pastimes, talents, and skills during the Covid-19-induced countrywide lockdown, and an additional employment may prove to be a new source of income for the family.

Swiggy firmly believes that working on such projects outside of one’s full-time employment can significantly contribute to both professional and personal development of an individual. “Be it volunteering with an NGO, working as a dance instructor, or creating content for social media,” the company’s press release added.

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The policy is applicable to Bundl Technologies, the operating company for the Swiggy app, as well as its subsidiaries, affiliates, associates, and group businesses. The company will set up an approval process if it thinks there could be a conflict between an employee’s responsibility and an outside initiative.

Girish Menon, the head of human resources at Swiggy, also provided his perspective in the news release. “With the Moonlighting Policy, we hope to enable people to follow their passions without being constrained by their full-time job with us,” he stated. This is another another step in the process of creating a world-class corporation that puts its employees first.

Although this kind of policy does give employees more freedom, more opportunities to advance their skills, and a potential additional source of income that may allay the employee’s desire to leave, there will be many challenges in supervising such side businesses, and there is a risk of future conflict. The group as a whole may respond badly if one member makes a mistake or loses confidence.

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