Super Bowl Commercials of 2023: All You Need to Know

Super Bowl 2023: Alicia Silverstone reprises her “Clueless” role in one of the spots, Will Ferrell crashes Netflix shows, and Sarah McLachlan parodies another of her well-known commercials.

For a 30-second advertisement during the big game on Sunday, well-known companies from Netflix to Google are shelling out up to $7 million. The goal is to grab the attention of the approximately 100 million spectators who tune in each year.

Super Bowl Commercials

The majority of marketers release extended versions of their commercials in the days leading up to the big game to generate the greatest awareness for their spots and maximize their return on investment for those millions. Actor Miles Teller dances to hold music for Bud Light, Will Ferrell interrupts well-known Netflix series like “Bridgerton” in a joint GM and Netflix commercial, and Alicia Silverstone plays her “Clueless” persona again in an advertisement for the online retailer Rakuten.

Melissa McCarthy in

In a musical number for the travel website, actress Melissa McCarthy sings about her desire to travel “somewhere, anywhere.”

Kevin Bacon and Metro Boomin for Budweiser

A voiceover by Kevin Bacon highlights the “six degrees of Bud” as a varied group of people share a six-pack of Budweiser in a local advertisement. The advertisement refers to the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” meme, which holds that anyone in the entertainment industry may be connected to Kevin Bacon in six connections, even though he isn’t depicted.

Miles and Keleigh Teller, Bud Light

Actor Miles Teller (“Top Gun: Maverick”) and his wife Keleigh Sperry Teller dance while sipping Bud Lights and listening to customer service hold music. Even the couple’s dog Bugsy is included in the one-minute commercial.

Sarah McLachlan, Busch Light

In a parody of her well-known and frequently parodied animal-advocacy ad using her song “Angel,” singer Sarah McLachlan portrays a mountain man talking about surviving the outdoors in a commercial.

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Doritos: Elton John, Missy Elliott, and Jack Harlow

A Doritos Sweet & Tangy BBQ commercial featuring Jack Harlow, Missy Elliott, and Elton John features Harlow giving up his rap career to focus on the triangle, a Doritos-shaped musical instrument.

Dexcom: Singer Nick Jonas For the second consecutive year, Nick Jonas appears in a commercial for Dexcom’s glucose monitoring device.

Downy Unstopables: Danny McBride

Procter & Gamble, a stalwart of the Super Bowl, advertises its Downy Unstopables brand in an advertisement featuring actor Danny McBride, who prefers to go by “Downy McBride.”

Kevin Hart, Tony Hawk, Emmitt Smith, Dr J, David Ortiz, and Ludacris are all available on DraftKings.

The online sportsbook features celebrities debating the DraftKings free bet offer at a party at actor Kevin Hart’s home, including skateboard entrepreneur Tony Hawk and singer Ludacris.

Will Ferrell General Motors and Netflix

Comedian and actor To announce that Netflix would use electric vehicles in its original episodes, Will Ferrell drives several GM electric vehicles through various Netflix shows, such as “Bridgerton” and “Stranger Things.”

Google: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Doja Cat, and Amy Schumer

A 90-second commercial from Google promoting its Pixel picture editing apps “Magic Eraser” and “Photo Unblur” features Amy Schumer, Doja Cat, and NBA player Giannis Antetokoumpo.

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Brie Larson and Jon Hamm at Hellmann’s

To emphasize that Hellmann’s would complement a “ham and brie” sandwich, the mayo company portrays actors Jon Hamm and Brie Larson in a refrigerator with a jar of the condiment.

Steve Martin and Ben Stiller in Pepsi Zero Sugar

Ben Stiller and Steve Martin appear in two Pepsi commercials that pose the question, “Great acting or great taste?” and invite viewers to sample Pepsi Zero Sugar.

Planters: Yamaneika Saunders, David Lucas, Frank Castillo, Natasha Leggero, Atsuko Okatsuka, and Sarah Tiana.

A “roast” is held for Mr Peanut, the spokesperson for Planters, by Jeff Ross, Natasha Leggero, and other comedians.

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