Stray Game has the highest user rating on Steam

The best-rated game on Steam for 2022 is Stray Game, which has surpassed God of War (2018). The Steam edition of Stray has eclipsed Santa Monica Studios’ God of War as the top PC game for the year 2022, according to the well-known Steam250 rankings aggregator.

Since its release, Stray has set several records on Steam. In fact, it has surpassed both God of War and The Elden Ring to become the platform’s top-rated game thus far in 2022.

The highest-rated game on Steam so far for 2022 is BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive’s interactive cat adventure game Stray.

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It has only been a week, but Stray Game has already established itself as a gaming phenomenon, and according to the brand-new list, Stray is the highest-rated game on Steam for 2022. This is a bold assertion that has been made in the gaming world.

Both the general public and critics gave it very favourable reviews on Metacritic, but it is on Steam that it has truly thrived, going to the top of a list of the most well-liked games on that platform.

One of the most talked-about games right now, Stray Game has received a lot of positive feedback from gamers on Steam as a result of its enormous popularity.

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Another extremely popular game was performing much better on PC earlier this year, but Stray now looks to be giving it a run for its money. Sadly, Stray, a PlayStation/PC game, still has a ways to go before ranking well among the top 250 titles of all time on the PC platform Steam.

Stray is now at the top of Steam’s top 250 titles, at least according to user ratings, as per recent statistics discovered by VGC. With over 50,000 players since its debut and being rated number one by users, Stray just shattered Annapurna Interactive’s concurrent player records on Steam.

According to user evaluations, BlueTwelves’ adorable sci-fi platformer Stray Game, which is focused on cats, has surpassed Sony Santa Monica’s Norse adventure God of War at tracking website Steam250.

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