Soon, Wordle will be a multiplayer board game.

The popular online word puzzle Wordle will soon be available as a multiplayer board game. The New York Times, which earlier this year acquired Wordle, is working with Hasbro to develop Wordle: The Party Game, which is scheduled to be on sale later this year.

Because most users shared their results on Twitter, Wordle attained enormous popularity, at least for a while. It is still a single person game, though it will soon change to demand additional people.

So, how will it operate?

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A five-letter word will be suggested by one player, and the other participants will have to guess what it is. The person who came up with the term will place translucent yellow and green tiles over the letters after everyone has given their guesses. The guesses will be written using dry-erase markers on a dry-erase board so that they can be erased after each round and played again. Hasbro published a video to demonstrate how it will function.

Preorders for The Party Game are already being taken for its October release in North America. The game will cost $19.99 (roughly Rs 1,596), and according to the game’s website, shipping will begin on October 1. However, the website does warn that this date is subject to change.

Because you can play Wordle: The Party Game as many times as you desire rather than the online version, which can only be played once per day, we can see how entertaining this can be. However, not everyone at a party may find it fun to idle away the evening manually placing translucent tiles on letters.

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