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Solve Questions Earn Online, Here Is a List Of 5 Platforms

Solve Questions Earn Online

Solve Questions Earn Online: There are several online platforms where you may use your skills if you’re an intelligent student looking to earn money by completing math, science problems, or any other subject problem. Other students will greatly value your knowledge. You can help others increase their subject proficiency and earn money by doing what you do best.

We have combed the internet and compiled a list of websites and applications where you may earn money by tutoring other students who are having academic difficulties or by resolving problems submitted by students from across the world.


The online learning platform Study.com uses video lectures to make education accessible, efficient, and enjoyable. You can apply to work as a freelancer for Study.com Expert Q&A, where you will create concise, detailed answers to thousands of user-submitted questions. While you master math and begin to make money, you will also be assisting other students in bettering their understanding of difficult concepts. To get started, all you need is a computer and stable internet.

Presto Experts

PrestoExperts is renowned for online question answering, offering support around-the-clock for various issues in any subject. You can start working with PrestoExperts as an expert by setting up an account on their website.

According to the procedure of the platform, provide a photo with your profile. You must complete an application form with your personal information and a description of your professional background to join PrestoExperts.

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The fact that you can register for as many categories as you desire, provided you have expertise in each one, is the best feature.


Upwork is a bigger version of the freelance tutoring network. Benefits include a broader customer base and possibilities for the job.  Upwork is more suitable for candidates with expertise in the domain because it demands a higher level of math proficiency than some other platforms mentioned.

All you have to do to apply for a job on Upwork is create a profile and send proposals about your services to math tutoring jobs. If the user accepts your offer, you will be hired!


Chegg is a company that offers students online tutoring, physical and digital textbook rentals, and other educational services. Chegg India hires Indian subject-matter specialists to respond to students’ questions online through the Chegg Study platform, which is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

To sign up for this site, click the signup button, enter your email address, and make a password. Math, science, engineering, healthcare, and other subjects are among those that can be taught here.


This one is exclusively for Maths subjects. Although several platforms are available for independent online tutoring, Yup.com is one of our favourites and is well-liked. You can get into the training thanks to their user-friendly layout instead of wasting hours trying to learn how to use it. Additionally, hours are recorded and paid out regularly, generating a consistent and reliable source of money.

Starting is a little more difficult because you must pass a math competency and teaching exam, but if you want to teach math to other children, you should have no trouble doing that! Create your tutoring profile and decide your availability. Get started. The rest will come after.

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