Snapchat Finally Debuts On Microsoft Store

The freshly released web version of Snapchat serves as the foundation for the Snapchat app. It utilises Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based browser. It is only 1.4MB in size and contains all of the same functionality as the web version.

The instant messaging and photo-sharing app Snapchat has long avoided Windows-based computers. But now, things appear to be shifting. The social media site has reportedly made its debut on the Microsoft Store as a Progressive Web App, according to a report from Windows Central.

How will the Snapchat app function?

The app is based on Snapchat’s recently released web version. It utilises Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based browser. It is 1.4 MB in size and has identical features to the web version.

It will have an app icon in the Start Menu and notification functionality comparable to native apps because it runs through Microsoft Edge, the default web browser for Windows.

The Snapchat PWA is available for download from the Microsoft Store if you wish to use Snapchat messages or stories on a Windows laptop. The little programme may be downloaded for free right now.

In other news, Amazon and Snapchat have teamed up to offer augmented reality try-on experiences to Snapchat users. Users of Snap will now be able to virtually try on eyewear styles from a variety of well-known brands thanks to the online shop.

Following Snapchat’s efforts in augmented reality shopping, where the social media platform pushed out many modifications to entice brands and merchants, the partnership was announced. This includes the ability to link to superior analytics, alter product information and prices in real time, and quickly create AR shopping lenses.

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