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Singapore’s visa card market enter authorities have stated that they have entered into agreements with the Visa services associate programme in Singapore and that the business would be able to issue its Visa payment cards for all payments and cryptocurrency transactions in Singapore.

What is

The business began operating in 2016 as a facilitator and exchange for cryptocurrencies. With the support of the platform, the company’s 50 million active users actively sell and buy more than 250 different cryptocurrencies. As a direct and indirect service provider, the organisation has been active in over 90 countries. provides visa services in which countries?

Additionally, the business offers ancillary services like the Visa payment card in other international countries, including the US and Canada. The business also disclosed that, in September of this year, it had received authorization from French regulatory organisations to offer services in France. Prior to it, the business was also successful in obtaining licences in Italy, the UK, and South Korea.

What is the benefit of using

The digital finance startup gives users tempting incentives like 5% and even higher cash back when they use their corporate-issued Visa cards to conduct cryptocurrency transactions. Additionally, the business offers rewards to its users for all the cryptocurrency assets they hold and transactions they do on the platform over time, up to a maximum of 14%.

The website provides the ability to purchase 250+ cryptocurrency options using 20+ fiat currency investment options, using a technique similar to a bank transfer or via a process similar to credit card or debit card transactions.

What is CRO coin?

Along with other cryptocurrencies,’s native coins (CRO) are exchanged on the site alongside other cryptocurrencies. With the aid of CRO Rewards, the platform delivers cash-back offers or membership perks to the customer as a perk of platform use for the frequent users.

What is the Visa Associate Program?

With the use of credit card, prepaid card, or bidet card payments, the Visa is a financial service provider corporation that offers financial services such as payment solutions. 80 million sites around the world are where the company operates. Any business that joins the Visa Associate Program is eligible to issue Visa cards for its services within that market’s legal and financial bounds.

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