Shania Twain on Regaining Her Throne, More Details Inside

As she gets ready to release her new album Queen of Me, the country-pop legend considers her illustrious career, the challenges that almost brought an end to it, and how she came back stronger than ever.

After releasing her debut album nearly 30 years ago, country music legend Shania Twain is back and busier than ever.

Twain, 57, has climbed some legendary heights. With more than 100 million albums sold worldwide, Shania Twain is the best-selling female country musician of all time. Her rousing successes include “Any Man of Mine,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” and “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” On her journey to popularity, she also faced crushing setbacks, including the terrible deaths of her parents, a shocking betrayal that resulted in the divorce of her first husband, and a struggle with Lyme disease that almost silenced her voice.

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Shania Twain on Regaining Her Throne

Despite the difficulties, Twain adds in the latest PEOPLE cover story, “I discovered such a great life” with her second husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, 52.

The adored singer is back in great form and getting ready to release her sixth studio album, Queen of Me, on February 3 and start a world tour.

“For me, it feels like a renaissance. It’s rewarding to still be experiencing it as a relevant artist “Twain claims. “I have more self-assurance now. I feel liberated in that I have nothing left to prove.”

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The 8-year-old singer from Timmins, Ontario, started performing in nightclubs. Twain also started playing at a resort when she was barely 22 years old to support her three younger siblings when her mother Sharon and stepfather Jerry passed away.

“This is all I know how to do,” it said. I must provide for the kids. Because you have to push through when you don’t have an option, which is what I did, that gave me motivation and a courage frame of mind “she claims.

Her second album, The Woman in Me, which she co-produced with her husband and record producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, helped her breakthrough in 1995. She finally brought her courageous spirit to Nashville. But it was Twain’s third album, 1997’s Come on Over, which upended a male-dominated industry and marked her historic foray into pop, opening the door for later musicians like Taylor Swift.

Twain became the first singer to ever earn three straight albums with a diamond certification with her 2002 album Up! (with sales of more than 10 million each). Despite her ground-breaking successes, Twain nevertheless fought to be recognised seriously as an artist and had to deal with sexist presumptions that her male partners were to blame for her success.

After stepping away from the spotlight in 2004 to concentrate on raising her and Lange’s son Eja, who is now 21 years old, Twain experienced even more hardships. When she discovered Lange had an affair with her close friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud in 2008, her 14-year marriage to him came to an end.

Twain, who descended into depression, adds, “It was a really low point in my life. She and Marie-husband, Anne’s former Nestlé executive Frédéric, talked about their common pain following the betrayal, and they soon fell in love.

Twain dealt with her voice after her heart began to repair. She struggled to project her voice for more than seven years, fearing she would never be able to sing again. Following a tick bite in 2004, which they suspect damaged the nerves in Twain’s vocal cords, medical professionals eventually determined that she had Lyme disease. Long warm-ups and physical therapy helped her rediscover how to sing, and in 2018 Twain had open-throat surgery to strengthen the weak nerves.

On Queen of Me, Twain’s joyful, empowering new album that she claims she made to escape the gloom of the epidemic, her contentment is undeniably audible. The album, her first in five years, is only the most recent phase of her comeback. Her unexpected Coachella debut with Harry Styles in April 2017 helped her win over a new generation of admirers, and her Netflix documentary Not Just a Girl, which was published last summer, reminded ardent supporters of why they had initially fallen in love with her.

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When did Shania Twain’s second album release?

After releasing her debut album nearly 30 years ago, country music legend Shania Twain is back and busier than ever.

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