Shama Sikander shares photos from Karan V Grover and Poppy Jabbal’s wedding and says, “We are pleased it has finally occurred.”

Karan V Grover and Poppy Jabbal, one of the most adorable couples in the entertainment industry, are the happiest today because they finally married. Karan V Grover and his girlfriend Poppy Jabbal have been dating for a long time, and on May 31, 2022, they will begin a new chapter in their lives. In Himachal Pradesh, the wedding took place with all the traditions and customs, although with a tiny assembly. Shama Sikander, a close friend of theirs, and her husband were in there, and she spoke with Etimes about the wedding.

Shama Sikander, who was getting ready for Karan and Poppy’s wedding celebration, gushed enthusiastically about the newlyweds. “Honestly, it feels unbelievable,” she added, “because we’d all given up (laughter!).” Karan and Poppy have been dating for a long time, and we’ve frequently wondered when they were planning to marry.

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They surprised us over a video call because Karan was in London and Poppy was in Mumbai at the time. We were invited in this manner. I honestly believed they were joking and playing a practical joke on James and myself. Even we were caught off guard because it was so last-minute. They must have decided it was better to inform us at that point, or else we wouldn’t be there, because James (Milliron, her husband) and I were planning on going on our honeymoon. ‘You can’t go anyplace because we’re getting married,’ they had stated.”

“We are just so delighted that it has finally happened,” she continued. When your close friends get married and you witness so much love all around you, I suppose it does inspire you in some way. We all need to see it unfold, and once we do, we want it in our lives as well. “We all deserve to be happy.”

For the time being, they are savouring their time in the mountains. Talking about Karan and Poppy’s Himachal Pradesh destination wedding. Shama mentioned how lovely it is up here and how wonderful the weather is.

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She went on to say that Karan has a practise of bringing his entire family on treks for his birthdays, so they weren’t surprised when they decided to marry in the mountains. She went on to say that she was so stressed out at her wedding that she couldn’t enjoy it. She didn’t have the time or energy to accomplish anything, but she’s dancing and loving their relationship.

In March of this year, Shama and James exchanged vows.

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