Shakira and Gerard Separated, More Details About The Couple’s Relationship Inside

The 12-year relationship between Shakira and Gerard Pique ended in June 2022. Continue reading to learn how Shakira learned about Pique’s infidelity.

International singer Shakira has been in the news recently due to her ex-partner Gerard Pique’s infidelity scandal. The pair separated in June 2022 after 12 years of dating. The singer was utterly devastated when she learned that Pique cheated on her while still dating earlier this month. Now, there have been reports all over the internet that she managed to catch him when she saw a food item half eaten!

Pique allegedly had a relationship with Clara Chia Marti while dating Shakira. There are rumor’s that Pique and Clara are still together. For the first time, the Colombian singer hinted at something in one of her music videos, “Te Felicito.”

Shakira Gerard Separated

Collaboration with Alejandro Rauw was involved. Shakira may be seen in the video opening a refrigerator. The Waka Waka singer said, “To find the truth!” when the interviewer on This Morning questioned her about why she was opening it about that. It happens when I open the refrigerator and discover Rauw Alejandro’s head. That was a mysterious clue she gave.

Later, it was revealed in one of the Spanish TV shows called “Socialite” that Shakira had just needed a jar of jam to learn that her then-partner was cheating on her. She genuinely enjoys strawberry jam a lot, whereas Pique never did and never even tried it.

When Shakira was gone from home on one occasion to promote her music, she came home to find out that part of her favourite jam had been consumed. This was strange because Gerard had never had it because he didn’t enjoy it. There could be only one inference from that: someone else had taken her place.

It demonstrates how a single spark can completely burn down a house! However, Shakira used her most recent song, the BZRP Music Session #53, a collaboration with Argentine label producer Bizarrap, to express her rage and despair.

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How long were Shakira and Gerard Pique together?

The 12-year relationship between Shakira and Gerard Pique ended in June 2022.

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