Set the time and do your work without being disturbed by any call or message

Hello friends today we will talking about do your work without being disturbed. The effort we would have made without smartphones has been lessened by smartphones. Any communication may quickly reach its intended recipient, and screens allow you to observe the whole universe. It’s a wonderful invention of humans, isn’t it? The issue is that, although its superpower has given us access to the globe, it has also invaded our privacy. You must always take every call that comes in. You are only a phone call away from your friends, family, and coworkers. However, the issue is that even at those situations when you feel like avoiding everything, your phone still beeps.

It’s no longer necessary for you to repeatedly turn your phone on and off do your work without being disturbed. Simply select a time period during which you have the option of turning something on or off. Let’s examine some potential solutions.

Steps need to be followed

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Scroll down and go to the System Settings tab.
  • Tap on the Scheduled power on/off option.
  • Select the time when you want your phone to power on and off.
  • Turn the toggle on for both power on and power off options.

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