Sean Casten, a US Representative, recalls his final moments with his daughter before her death: ‘She Wasn’t Awake’

In a statement about the 17-year-death, old’s Illinois Rep. Sean Casten and his family said, “The only thing we know about her passing is that it was peaceful.” Rep. Sean Casten of Illinois has come out for the first time about the death of his 17-year-old daughter.

The Congressman, who was elected in 2018, shared a photo of Gwen Casten, who died on Tuesday, in a devastating Instagram post on Wednesday.

“We appreciate all of the well-wishes, sympathies, and offers of assistance that have been sent our way. To those who are wondering what they can do, we simply ask that you live your lives as Gwen did hers “He wrote with a photo of his daughter, and he, his wife Kara, and his second daughter Audrey, 15, signed a statement.

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“When a kid dies, there are no words to explain the void in your heart. Gwen was a contented, healthy, and well-adjusted young lady “Gwen planned to study Environmental Science at the University of Vermont this autumn, according to the statement.

Gwen used her enthusiasm for “music and activism” while attending Downers Grove North High School, where she played the trumpet in the jazz band, wind ensemble, and pit orchestra for the school’s production of Mary Poppins.

“In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, she was inspired by student efforts to form an Empowerment Club at her high school, which grew to become one of DGN’s largest clubs, focusing on everything from gun violence prevention to environmental protection to LGBTQ allyship to organising Black Lives Matter rallies to voter registration.”

The family continued: “She was fortunate to have a supportive group of friends, teachers, and family, as well as the foresight to see how much she owed them. It was because she was so kind in reflecting back the light and love that so many gave to her that her light seemed a little brighter than most.”

The family revealed that they enjoyed dinner Sunday night before Gwen left to hang out with friends, while they reflected on their final moments with her.

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“She said goodnight to Kara and me when she went home, texted a buddy to make sure she arrived home OK, and didn’t wake up on Monday morning,” they added. “The only thing we know about her death is that it took place in a gentle manner. The only thing we can learn from this is to cherish the time we have with our loved ones.”

They asserted, “We desire a sense of direction. We want to believe in a more promising future. However, the only thing we have control over is the present.”

The family concluded by thanking their supporters and stating that they are appreciative “Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern, sorrow, and offered assistance. To everyone who is wondering what they can do, we just ask that you live your lives as Gwen did hers. Take pleasure in the present. Make every effort to make tomorrow a better, more tolerant, more kind, and more loving place. You know that tomorrow will come, not because you know that yours will, but because you know that someone else’s will. Love is the best way to lead.”

Downers Grove police claimed they were summoned to a residence in the region Monday “for an unconscious seventeen year old female,” and “first responders found that the individual was deceased,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

The congressman’s office confirmed her death in a tweet that read, “Gwen (17), Congressman Casten’s beloved daughter, died this morning. The Casten family has requested privacy, and we will make no additional statements during this difficult time.”

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