Russia has detained LeBron James and Brittney Griner believe that America is the bad guy.

NBA star LeBron James has never encountered a subject on which he was unwilling to express his anti-American, uninformed viewpoints.

He is, of course, using Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia to promote himself and his entertainment content, even though it gives Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, a propaganda victory. Putin is a war criminal and a human rights violator.

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James wonders how Griner could “feel like America has her back” in the “official trailer” for an episode of his talk programme The Shop. James said, “I would be wondering if I even wanted to go back to America.”

It’s unclear what James expects the American government to do in this situation. Griner was jailed by Russia when she voluntarily travelled there to play professionally in an oppressive nation in order to increase her income. Even though she isn’t the only American detained there, the United States can attempt to bargain for her release. Since the news of her detention spread, the Biden administration has likely been lobbying for her more than for other Americans.

Griner was taken prisoner by Russia, but nevertheless King James has decided that the United States is the bad guy. But would Griner prefer stay a prisoner in Russia than go home to America? That seems improbable.

And precisely where should Griner go? Griner has been successful in making basketball a career in the United States. That is not present outside of our nation. She has developed into a small fame since her undergraduate days. Although Griner’s presence in the United States made it possible for her to sign endorsement contracts with significant businesses like Nike without running the risk of being detained as a political prisoner by an authoritarian government, it is true that the Russian basketball league offers higher salaries than the WNBA.

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Around 40 Americans who were wrongfully detained are currently being held in prisons around the globe, including several in Russia. Additionally, the United States is not the only nation where nationals are detained by autocrats. The Taliban to the Chinese Communist Party have all detained people of Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

It is ludicrous to assert that Griner’s imprisonment is the fault of women or black women as opposed to Griner herself, just as it is absurd to assert that America is to blame for Russia acting like the repressive dictatorship it is.

Griner isn’t in jail because the United States doesn’t want or care about her to come back. Because she was detained in Russia and Russia won’t let her go, she is still behind bars. James is a fool for implying the opposite.

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