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Roisea: Quick Overview for CryptoTraders

One of the most well-known and liquid trading platforms is roisea. Numerous currency pairings are available on the exchange itself, and the most of them have strong liquidity. But I limited my trading to BTC, ETH, and TRX. Like many other contemporary platforms, you may add funds to your account using fiat on the exchange. And the customer service, in my opinion, reacts to your issue rather swiftly. The exchange also offers a mobile application that functions very consistently. And the transactions are completed without incident.

Let’s explore more and examine Roisea in greater depth.

Trading Interface

The fact that the exchange permits the trading of fiat currencies including the euro, dollar, Canadian dollar, yen, and British pound is a major bonus. The total number of trading pairs on the website is 73.

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You must fund your exchange account with cryptocurrencies or a bank card before you can begin trading (only for clients of Roisea partner banks). But you must go through required verification in order to make a deposit. On the exchange, there is no set procedure for creating a demo account.


For Roisea, there are no uncertainties at all in terms of her dependability (not a single hack for all the time). One of the most crucial details is that the exchange was the first to pass a cryptographic audit, demonstrating the exchange’s high level of security.

The exchange has not only never been hacked, but it has also not yet been linked to any scandals or fraud investigations, which has done wonders for the company’s reputation. The majority of exchange assets are kept in cold wallets, which protects against significant losses in the event of a compromise.

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You may make any other action, including login into your account, subject to two-step authentication. It is necessary to do general verification, which is done in a very difficult and convoluted manner. There are four levels total. You won’t be able to do anything on the exchange if you’ve just signed up and haven’t given any of your info at all. You must give your full name, birthdate, home country, and phone number in order to get the first level of verification.

The firm lacks authorization from regulatory bodies, and exchange officials strongly disagree with regulation, believing it to be counterproductive.


The currency that is selected, the kind of wallet used, and the country of residency all affect the Roisea costs for making deposits and withdrawals. A fixed charge will apply to all transactions under $200. Users on the platform do not pay commissions when they transfer money.

Regarding the referral programme, all commissions paid by the customers they brought within the first three months of using Coinbase are split 50/50 among participants on the website.

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