Resident Evil 4 Producer On No Plants To Make Sequel

In addition to continuing Leon Kennedy’s story, Resident Evil 4 continues the 3’s Nemesis and NE-Zombie storylines. However, there are currently no plans to conclude Claire Redfield’s search. For her brother with its remake, which leaves the case open. Unless you like going back to it, she is playing the original Code Veronica X.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the producer of Resident Evil 4, told NoisyPixel that there are no firm plans for a Code Veronica remake. But that if the “chance comes, maybe,” there might be. Even though it appears doubtful, it’s not entirely impossible just yet.

Resident Evil 4

Where Resident Evil will go after Episode 4 is unknown. The recent pattern in video games has been new games, remakes, and new games. And yet another remake. It’s uncertain whether the trend will continue after four, but some are already urging Capcom to remake games 5 and 6 next. even though Code Veronica has been a fan favourite on everyone’s mind for years.

Shinji Mikami

Fans have urged Capcom to recreate Dino Crisis with its version in addition to Resident Evil. The dinosaurs in this cult PlayStation 1 game by the same creator. Shinji Mikami has replaced the undead. Imagine Jurassic Park combined with Resident Evil. Its supporters have been clamouring for its return. It concluded with a contentious, action-packed third game.

You must watch Capcom’s next move after Resident Evil 4. Village’s first DLC is just around the corner. And Re: Verse is finally launching early access on October 24. Resident Evil will no longer be set in the Winters, according to Capcom. she was leaving the series’ future uncertain starting with episode 9. Maybe sometime in there, Claire Redfield will show up again, or perhaps we’ll return and relive her search for Chris.

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