Reliance To Launch Jiobook: Budget-Friendly Laptop For India On 31st July


A Feature-Packed, Affordable Laptop To Be Released On 31st July The JioBook, a new, inexpensive laptop from the Indian-based Reliance corporation, will soon be available in Indian marketplaces.

Regarding the Jiobook smartphone, it has been reported that the new laptop will have a wonderful selection of features and characteristics. The standout aspect of this new laptop is that it will provide you the greatest features for the lowest price ever. Are you eager to have this new laptop in your hands? Then, we have all you need to know right here for you.

Jio Planning To Launch Jiobook Soon – Specification And Features


It’s not the first time the business has let us view a new Jio laptop. The Jio-Book was previously made available in October.

This year, JioBook might see some new updates released for this laptop, where it’s been said that there would be an upgrade in both the hardware and general quality compared to its forebears. The Jio-Book laptop, however, won’t have a fresh design; in contrast, the new Amazon teaser for this laptop depicts the previous model’s smaller, blue colour.

According to a teaser from Amazon, the new Jiobook will have a productivity-friendly design and feature quicker 4G connectivity. The new Jio laptop would reportedly weigh only 990 grammes, according to the reports. The laptop will, however, also provide a full-day battery replacement.

Now let’s talk about the features and specifications side. There is currently no official information available on the specifications of the impending new laptop.

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Recalling What The Jiobook Laptop From 2022 Features

Let’s take a look at the world of the 2022 JioBook, a laptop made to be inexpensive and practical for daily activities like learning, browsing, and more. It has a number of exciting features and was published in October, so you might be interested.

The front laptop’s 11.6-inch HD display is perfect for daily tasks. It features broad bezels that give it a classic appearance, and the front camera is a 2-megapixel unit ready to make video calls simple. The JioBook is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC that supports the Adreno 610 GPU. With only 2GB of RAM, multitasking could be challenging, but hey, it’s made for basic requirements.

The Jio-Book’s built-in 32GB of eMMC storage space may be increased to 128GB. As a result, you’ll have space for your essentials. The system in control, JioOS, also ensures smooth operation. What is this, then? Even better, the JioStore makes it simple to install apps from other developers. Speaking of comfort.

The JioBook’s battery, which is a laptop’s lifeblood, does not let consumers down. According to Reliance Jio, the smartphone can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge thanks to its 5,000mAh battery. You can get through the most of your day without worrying if you have that much energy. Thanks to passive cooling assistance, your laptop keeps its cool under pressure.

So, should you consider buying the JioBook? If you’re on a low budget and need a laptop for basic tasks like browsing the web, checking email, or taking online courses, then it can be a great option.

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When Will The New Jiobook 2023 Launch?

According to the most recent sources, the new JioBook 2023 will debut on July 31 of this year.


In conclusion, The 2022 JioBook is an affordable option for individuals seeking simplicity and utility. It can manage your daily needs even though it wasn’t intended for resource-intensive or heavy multitasking. Its stable battery and Jio 4G LTE connectivity make it a logical choice for staying connected while travelling. Therefore, if you’re looking for a simple computer that gets the job done, the Jio-Book could be the appropriate laptop for you.


Is JioBook available in India?

On July 31, Reliance Jio will make its second-generation JioBook laptop available on Amazon in India. The laptop will be lighter than its previous edition, which debuted in October 2022, according to the teaser that surfaced on the Amazon website.

Is JioBook good for gaming?

It has 32GB of extendable internal storage with 32GB of eMMC and compatibility for a microSD card, as well as 2GB of LPDDR4x RAM. Since the Snapdragon chip in the Jio Book is somewhat outdated, it is not recommended for intensive use, such as gaming.

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